Supreme Court To Rule On Colorado's 'Amazon Tax'

The battle over Colorado’s “Amazon tax” is moving to the U.S. Supreme Court, which said on Tuesday that it will hear the Direct Marketing Association’s challenge to the measure. The tax fight dates to 2010, when Colorado passed a law requiring out-of-state companies, including e-commerce companies, to send detailed lists […]


Supreme Court Rejects Google Appeal In WiFi Snooping Case

The Supreme Court has refused to hear Google’s appeal of a ruling allowing consumers to proceed with a privacy lawsuit stemming from the Street View snooping scandal. The court’s order, issued on Monday, lets stand an appellate decision that Google potentially violated the federal wiretap law by collecting “payload” data […]


YouTube Rocks VidCon With Brands, Strengthens Content Video Tools For Creators

What seemed equivalent to the entrance of a rock star taking the stage to entertain thousands of fans, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki kicked off the introduction of numerous tools for content creators at VidCon Thursday as part of a program aimed at helping them generate higher revenue from videos. Creators […]


10 Better Excuses Than 'I Fell Asleep'

I was all set to write a really thought-provoking, cerebral column on faking cultural literacy that probed how the Internet lets us skim the surface of knowledge enough to make us sound smart, without having to really understand anything. If you say things like “DSP” and “programmatic” in conversation, you […]


Supreme Court Says Aereo Infringes TV Broadcasters' Copyright

Siding with television broadcasters, the U.S. Supreme Court today ruled that the online video service Aereo infringes copyright by streaming live television programs to its subscribers smartphones and tablets. The 6-3 ruling, which reverses a pro-Aereo decision by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, likely will force the Barry Diller-backed […]


Judge Authorizes Wyndham To Appeal Data-Security Ruling

A federal appellate court could soon decide whether the Federal Trade Commission can proceed with a lawsuit accusing Wyndham Hotels for failing to deploy adequate data-security measures. On Monday, U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas in New Jersey authorized an immediate appeal of an earlier ruling, which allowed the FTC […]


Carrier IQ Can't Pause Privacy Lawsuit

A judge has rejected an attempt by Carrier IQ and a group of phone manufacturers to delay proceedings in a privacy lawsuit. U.S. District Court Judge Chen in the Northern District of California said in a written ruling that he was “not convinced” that allowing the case to proceed would […]


Twitter Sued For Sending SMS Ads To Recycled Numbers

Twitter has been hit with a potential class-action lawsuit accusing it of violating an anti-spam law by sending texts messages to the wrong phone number. Taunton, Mass. resident Beverly Nunes alleges in court papers that she began receiving numerous “impersonal, promotional text messages” from Twitter last November, immediately after purchasing […]


GM = Generic Malfeasance

Perhaps Mary Teresa Barra, CEO of General Motors since January, should just throw in the towel and recall every car GM has produced since it was founded in September 1908. Once you are at 20 million recalls, it’s not such a leap to figure, “If we screwed up that many […]


Ad Industry Urges Web Standards Group To Abandon Do-Not-Track Effort

The ad trade group Digital Advertising Alliance is urging the World Wide Web Consortium to pull the plug on its tracking-protection initiative, which aims to implement the do-not-track requests that users can send through their browsers. “By wading into this public-policy matter, the W3C not only duplicates efforts undertaken by […]


Virginia Supreme Court To Decide Whether To Unmask Yelp Reviewers

Virginia’s highest state court has agreed to decide whether a small-business owner is entitled to know the identities of people who criticized the company on Yelp. The case stems from an effort by Hadeed Carpet Cleaning, based in Alexandria, Va., to unmask seven Yelp commenters who made negative remarks. Among […]


Will BuzzFeed Inform The Next Generation?

A link-baiting story from The New York Times’ T magazine promised But after digesting that “Viewers have spent approximately 42,972 years on BuzzFeed since it was started in 2006,” and that “there have been more than 22,500 articles about cats posted to the site,” (and 13 other even-less-impressive Crazy Facts), […]


Virgina Supreme Court To Decide Whether To Unmask Yelp Reviewers

Virginia’s highest state court has agreed to decide whether a small-business owner is entitled to know the identities of people who criticized the company on Yelp. The case stems from an effort by Hadeed Carpet Cleaning, based in Alexandria, Va., to unmask seven Yelp commenters who made negative remarks. Among […]


Facebook Users Drop Lawsuit Over 'Likes'

Three Facebook users who sued the social networking service for allegedly misrepresenting that they “liked” particular content have quietly withdrawn their case, according to court records. The users didn’t specify why they withdrew the case, but they did so with prejudice — meaning that they can’t file it again in […]


Hulu Users Can't Bring Privacy Class-Action

In a significant won for Hulu, a federal judge ruled today that a group of consumers who are suing the company for alleged privacy violations can’t proceed as a class. The consumers say the online video company violated the Video Privacy Protection Act by allegedly disclosing the names of the […]


Web Giants Support Spokeo In Privacy Battle

A coalition of Web companies is backing Spokeo in its privacy battle with a consumer who is suing the online data broker for allegedly providing inaccurate information about him. Google, Yahoo, Facebook and eBay are urging the Supreme Court to hear Spokeo’s appeal of a recent decision allowing a consumer […]


Users Win Round Against LinkedIn In Battle Over Email Invitations

LinkedIn users can proceed with a potential class-action lawsuit accusing the company of misappropriating their names by allegedly sending a series of email invitations to their friends, a federal judge ruled on Thursday. U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, Calif. rejected LinkedIn’s bid to dismiss the case […]


BBB: Shark Can't Base 'Most Recommended' Claims On Web Reviews

Euro-Pro can’t advertise Shark as “America’s most recommended” vacuum cleaner when the boast stems from its interpretation of online reviews, the Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division said on Thursday. The NAD said in its decision that “aggregated online data” drawn on by Euro-Pro “did not represent American upright vacuum […]


Yahoo Loses Bid To Toss Parts.com Trademark Lawsuit

In a blow to Yahoo, a federal judge in California has again rejected the company’s bid to dismiss a trademark infringement lawsuit by Parts.com. The online retailer, which sells car parts, alleges that its trademark in the name “parts.com” is infringed when rival replacement-part sellers use the term to trigger […]


Appeals Court Says Digital Library Project Doesn't Infringe Copyright

Subscribe to Online Media Daily Libraries that digitize books in order to make them searchable don’t infringe copyright, a federal appellate court ruled on Tuesday. The decision, issued by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, marks a major defeat for the Authors Guild. That organization contended that the HathiTrust — […]


Apple Moves To Stop Location-Tracking By Mobile Analytics Companies

Apple’s upcoming operating system could prevent analytics companies from tracking iPhone and iPad users in brick-and-mortar stores, according to a privacy presentation given at the Worldwide Developers Conference. The company said in the presentation that iOS 8’s WiFi scanning will use “random, locally administered MAC addresses,” instead of the permanent […]


Mobile Spam Lawsuit Against Path Moves Forward

Path has lost a round in a mobile-spam lawsuit accusing it of sending consumers SMS messages inviting them to join the service. Last week, U.S. District Court Judge Samuel Der-Yeghiayan in the Northern District of Illinois rejected Path’s argument that the case should be dismissed before trial. That ruling allows […]


Can Not Drinking Coke End the War In The Ukraine?

Coca-Cola, Pepsi and fast-food joints like McDonald’s are under fire in Russia as a result of the economic sanctions the U.S. has imposed over the Ukraine situation. A “Food Patriotism” group marched (undoubtedly spontaneously driven by social media) with placards and T-shirts featuring slogans like: “For Russia, say ‘no’ to […]


BBB Says LifeLock Retargeting Campaign Lacked Privacy Icons

The Better Business Bureau said on Thursday that a recent retargeting ad campaign for LifeLock didn’t include the notice-and-choice icon — the centerpiece of the industry’s self-regulatory privacy code. The self-regulatory organization said its investigators visited LifeLock.com and then later received ads for the company. Some of those retargeted ads […]