How to Use Google Ads Extensions

Looking for an easy and effective way to increase your ad’s visibility and CTR? Look no further than Ad Extensions! Ad Extensions offer you the ability to show potential customers your phone number, address, mobile app and even your social media stats within your Google Ads campaign. I’m going to […]


Find Customers With PPC Advertising

PPC marketing is something you’ve probably come across in some form or another. The paid channel advertising landscape is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. In 2011, the ad-supported Internet contributed more than $500 billion to the United States economy. Holy smokes. That’s a lot of spend. The numbers alone […]


Ecommerce Beginners Guide

Thanks to Ecommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce and Wix, creating an online store has never been easier. Even with a full staff of developers and designers, we still use Shopify for our Ecommerce websites. The downside here is that the barrier to entry is low, which creates more competition. It […]


Getting Started With Email Marketing – The Beginner’s Guide

I love building and running email lists. Why? Because they make so much money. Even today, a healthy email list is one of the marketing assets that’s pure gold. With a good email list, it feels like printing money. Or having a marketing laser beam that floods any marketing promotion […]


Is Your Content Marketing Profitable? Here Are 22 Metrics That Will Tell You

It’s a mistake I see time and again… Businesses invest in content marketing without having a clue whether it’s effective or not. No matter what your goals are, you need some way of quantifying the results of your efforts. Otherwise, you don’t know if you’re getting a positive or negative […]


Starting from Scratch: 6 Steps to Your First Content Marketing Plan

Content marketing is amazing for attracting your target audience and building a relationship with it. There is just one problem, though… How do you do it? I share a lot of content marketing tips in my posts, but those posts usually assume you’re already doing content marketing, at least to some degree. But […]


Produce Great Content, Every Time: A Useful 11-Point Framework

How many articles have you read about creating great content? Quite a few, hopefully… Creating valuable to your readers content is one of the key components of effective content marketing. But here’s the problem: How do you combine the lessons from all those articles? They all teach you something valuable, but […]


5 Content Creation Tactics That Will Amplify Your Content’s Reach

Content marketing growth isn’t always explosive, but should it be slow? No, it shouldn’t. You should have steady, measurable growth on a monthly basis in most cases. That’s why it pains me to see so many marketers create content and be satisfied when barely anyone sees it. You don’t need tens […]


How to Get Your Boss to Invest More Money in Content Marketing This Year

How to Get Your Boss to Invest More Money in Content Marketing This YearContent marketing has come a long way over the last 10 years. More and more companies have come to realize the tremendous return and savings from investing in inbound marketing like blogs, white papers, and video. Still, […]


How to Distribute Content Effectively Across Multiple Channels

Your content is great. You’ve been applying new strategies and learning how to master the art of storytelling to make your content more engaging. But now what? This is useless if you’re unable to distribute it to your audience. I see this problem all the time when I’m consulting businesses. They […]


How to Enhance Your Content by Building Infographics with These 12 Tools

Those of you who have been reading my blogs for a while know I’m a huge advocate of using visual elements to enhance my blog posts. In addition to being visually appealing, images can actually improve the performance of your articles. That’s because blogs with pictures receive 94% more views than posts […]


Which Content Marketing Strategies Have the Biggest Impact on Keyword Rankings?

The term “content marketing” is a wide umbrella. It encompasses a plethora of different strategies and techniques. But at the end of the day, one of your primary goals is to create content that ranks as highly as possible on search engine results pages (SERPs). This is important because organic […]


How to Use Social Listening to Create Viral Content

Viral content is inherently unpredictable. You could have two similar pieces of content—with one receiving thousands upon thousands of shares and the other languishing in obscurity. In that regard, there’s no magic formula that will enable you to create viral content on command. It’s not like you can just flip […]


How to Influence Purchasing Decisions

So, people are coming to your website, and that’s great. But how many of them are actually buying something from you? Chances are it’s less than 1% of your visitor base. But don’t worry! You can actually influence your visitors to make a purchase. How? you may ask. Well, I’ve created […]


How B2B Audiences Engage with Business Content Online

As a B2B company, you need to learn how to properly market your brand to the right audience. That’s because your target market doesn’t consume content the same way as the average consumer does. Following the habits and trends of a typical consumer won’t help you. This is especially important […]


How to Take and Edit Photos Without Hiring a Professional

No matter what type of business you have, you need to be using high quality images as a promotional tool. You can distribute these pictures across all your marketing channels. Share them on social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Add photos to your website to make it […]


Is Your Content Good Enough? 6 Questions to Find the Answer

What do you think of the content that your competitors publish? My guess? It’s not great. It’s easy to judge others but tough to evaluate ourselves. I guarantee that all your competitors think the same thing—that most content in your niche is junk. And yet…they believe that theirs is the […]


6 Unconventional Tips to Create Content Faster

How much content have you written in the past month? Are you happy with that amount? Most marketers answer no to that question. In fact, 44% of marketers say that producing consistent content is one of their biggest challenges: Believe me, I get it. Creating a high amount of high […]


Be a Better Teacher and Writer: 6 Teaching Techniques You Should Know

Marketing is a chance for education. Sometimes, marketing takes the form of entertainment, but often, you get to assume the role of a teacher. This is really powerful. You can become one of the few educational influences in most people’s lives after they leave school. Beyond helping your business grow, […]


How to Write 5 or More Articles a Week and Not Burn Out

If you’ve tried (and failed) at blogging, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. Creating content, especially good content, is hard work. It takes a long time. Most of the time, you don’t see instant rewards. So, how do some people write three, five, or even ten articles every week? You […]


7 Ways to Ensure You Maximize Your ROI From Content

I’m not going to lecture you. You already know that content marketing can be a very successful form of marketing. You also know that producing great content takes a lot of time or money, sometimes both. But there’s something that you might not know, at least not for sure. Just […]


These 3 Numbers in Google Analytics Will Help You Make Better Content

Google Analytics (GA) is a digital marketer’s best friend. I use it all the time to check metrics, spot trends, and see what type of content my audience appreciates the most. Of course, there are other tools you could use to analyze your metrics, but they’re not as valuable as […]


5 Ways to Amplify the Reach of Your Content Without Spending a Dime

Content marketing can be a soul-crushing endeavor. It’s like this. You spend several hours or maybe even days meticulously putting together what seems like a brilliant blog post, slideshow, infographic, etc. But even with all your hard work and dedication, your content falls on deaf ears. You post it on […]



Copywriting may be the most important and foundational skill in all of marketing. Every ad campaign requires it and it’s used across every single marketing channel. As a marketer, I’m so thankful that I spend some of my early years improving my own copywriting skills. That time continues to pay […]