Want to Close More Sales? Stop Selling

OWNER’S MANUAL | Jeff Haden Jun 25, 2013 Make your customer service reps your sales team, give information away for free, and other counterintuitive sales advice. Everett Collection Laura Greeno, Webscout In today’s online marketplace, building a traditional sales force or conducting expensive sales training programs should not be the first action […]

SALES SOURCE | Geoffrey James Jun 25, 2013 Essential books for entrepreneurs who really want to understand how and why their customers buy. In previous posts, I’ve identified the best motivational books of all time and the best sales books of all time. Today, I’ve selected 10 books about marketing that I […]

By Debbie Hemley Published June 25, 2013   Are you looking for ways to strengthen the impact of the content you create? It isn’t always easy to generate the buzz you’re looking for. Knowing what to publish, when and where can greatly increase the visibility and reach of your content. In […]


Small Business Sales Rise, But Hiring Lags

Jeremy Quittner | Inc.com staff Jun 24, 2013 As private companies continue to bounce back from the financial crisis, they’re doing more with fewer people. shutterstock images Keeping pace with and driving the economic recovery, small businesses continue to revive, while hiring lags. That’s the news from the just-released May private company […]


How to Get Everything You Want. Seriously

LIKEABLE LEADERSHIP | Dave Kerpen Jun 24, 2013 You’d like to be successful in everything you do, of course. Here’s how to make it happen. shutterstock images Getting what you want in your career and in life isn’t as difficult as it may seem. I mean it. I’ve been very fortunate, both […]


How to Beat an Innovation Troll

THE LEAN LAUNCHPAD | Steve Blank Jun 24, 2013 As a startup, there’s nothing better than creating a new market; you can provide products and services that address a previously unsolved problem. But there are setbacks to blazing your own trail–namely: Innovation trolls or “rent seekers” who want things to stay just […]


The Real Reason You're Not Closing

BOTH SIDES OF THE TABLE | Mark Suster Jun 24, 2013 You’ve done everything right. You know what you’re selling–and why your customer should buy it–but you just can’t close the sale. Perhaps the missing ingredient is why a customer should buy…now. <a target=_blank href="http://redirect.viglink.com?key=11fe087258b6fc0532a5ccfc924805c0&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.inc.com%2Fuploaded_files%2Fimage%2Fsummer-sales_17020.jpg" class="lightbox" title="Flickr photo courtesy of Mays Communications […]


6 Apps Your IT Guy Hates

TECH REPORT | John Brandon Jun 24, 2013 Do you count on these apps for everyday business tasks? Maybe you shouldn’t. iStock The amazing thing about mobile apps, cloud storage, and living on the Web is that information is always at your fingertips. Unfortunately, often that means your data is not far […]

Using a mobile device? Go to m.inc.com for our mobile version. Francesca Louise Fenzi  | Inc.com staff Jun 24, 2013 Round table or square table: Your audience’s seating arrangement affects their priorities, researchers say. “> shutterstock images Perhaps King Arthur was onto something; according to a new study published by the […]


What The Pawnbroker Knows

Christine Lagorio | Inc.com staff Jun 24, 2013 Les Gold, the entrepreneurial star of the cable series Hardcore Pawn, on what his pawn emporium has taught him about business, succession, and economic forecasting. shutterstock images Courtesy Company GOLD’S STANDARD: Les Gold says he’s turned his grandfather’s small pawnshop into a million-dollar business. […]

TRADE SECRETS | Michael AlterJun 24, 2013 When you’re ready to build your team, make sure you heed this recruiting check list. “> krystiano/Flickr As I wrote recently, building a great team is essential to having a great business. Your team starts with your first hire, and many new entrepreneurs bring that person on […]


5 Easy Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

START-UP TOOL KIT | Howard Greenstein Jun 24, 2013 Mallika Chopra describes herself as a mom with a business on the side. And her investors are on board with that vision. Mallika Chopra has talked with Inc. in the past about harnessing the power of intent and has built a social network, Intent.com, […]


4 More Lessons From 'Mad Men'

Inc.com Using a mobile device? Go to m.inc.com for our mobile version. About us: About Inc.com Contact us Advertise Privacy Policy Page Not Found Sorry, but the page you’re looking for seems to have been moved, or recently archived. How we organize this site Inc.com has recently been reorganized. There […]


Should You 'Friend' Your Employees on Facebook?

BASEMENT TO BOARDROOM | Janine Popick Jun 24, 2013 And what about LinkedIn? Social media has become a fact of life– but where are the lines drawn between employer and employee?


Build Your Own Talent Pool

OWNER’S MANUAL | Jeff Haden Jun 24, 2013 Secret No. 1: Always be looking. You’re missing prime opportunities if you wait to recruit until you need someone–anyone!–to fill a position.


Company Culture Tips From an Unlikely Source

DIRECTING HAPPINESS | Shelley Prevost Jun 24, 2013 What can you learn about managing people from peasant farmers in Okinawa, Japan? Plenty, it turns out. shutterstock images Okinawans have a remarkable tradition called `moai` (mo-eye).  Made popular by Dan Buettner’s book Blue Zones, moai are described as informal groups created by people who […]


8 Words to Avoid When Selling

SALES SOURCE | Geoffrey James Jun 24, 2013 These words really raise your customer’s hackles. shutterstock images Over the two years, I’ve read hundreds of sales messages and heard dozens of sales presentations.  Probably 90 percent of them are full of words that are both trite and ineffective.  Here are the worst […]


3 Ways to Make Relationship Marketing Count

MODERN RELATIONSHIP MARKETING | Jon Miller | Inc.com contributor Jun 21, 2013 On the Internet, your prospects and customers are telling you all about themselves, and they’re expecting you to pay attention. melstampz/Flickr There’s a famous New Yorker cartoon from 1993 with two dogs, one sitting at a computer telling the other, “On the […]


Free Perks Might Actually Embarrass Customers

Free Perks Might Actually Embarrass Customers | Inc.com Using a mobile device? Go to m.inc.com for our mobile version. Francesca Louise Fenzi | Inc.com staff Jun 21, 2013 Everybody likes free stuff, right? Not necessarily, researchers say. Customer reactions depend heavily on the context. shutterstock images Customers may not enjoy free goodies […]


Instagram: The Problem With Over-the-Top Announcements

Eric Markowitz | Inc.com staff Jun 21, 2013 The new video product is smart, but the backlash is in full swing. And no wonder: The tech hype cycle can overshadow just about anything. At a press conference Thursday in Facebook’s Palo Alto headquarters, Instagram’s co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom unveiled what had […]


Stellar Sales Pitches Start With This

BOTH SIDES OF THE TABLE | Mark Suster Jun 21, 2013 Why should anyone buy anything from you? A good answer to that question is crucial to your success. <a target=_blank href="http://redirect.viglink.com?key=11fe087258b6fc0532a5ccfc924805c0&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.inc.com%2Fuploaded_files%2Fimage%2Fbigstock_Middle_Eastern__Western_Busin_3914746_15365.jpg" class="lightbox" title="BigStock “> BigStock Editor’s note: This article first appeared on Mark Suster’s blog Both Sides of the Table. In […]