The Complete Guide to a Mobile Friendly Website

Your website must be optimized for mobile devices. Why? Well, for starters, 80% of the top websites according to the Alexa rankings were optimized for mobile users. Plus, 80% of all Internet users have smartphones. It’s easy for people to browse the Internet from their mobile devices. Doesn’t it seem like […]


How to Create An Impactful About Page For Your Website

You need to put lots of thought and effort into every page of your website. But your About page is arguably one of the most important pages by far. Is it really that big of a deal? How many visitors will actually take the time to check out your About […]


Create a Website

Creating a website is overwhelming. Don’t worry, that’s completely natural when building your first website. When we built our first sites, it was so complicated. And so many articles and YouTube videos on how to create a website made it seem a lot easier than it ended up being. We’ve […]


How to Add Adsense to Your Website

You’ve spent countless hours designing and updating your website. But you’re not getting paid for all of your hard work. Rather than letting your efforts go to waste, you can monetize your website by adding Google AdSense. What is Google AdSense? In short, AdSense is an advertising network run by […]


The Single Best WordPress Plugin Across Every Essential Category

WordPress powers 30% of the top 10 million websites. It controls more than 60% of the of the CMS platform market share. Needless to say, it’s a popular solution for running a website. WordPress itself is great; but it’s limited in terms of its built-in functionality. That’s why plugins exist. […]


Website Security Guide

Your website is at risk. I’m not saying this to try and scare you, but that’s the reality of the world we live in. More than 50,000 websites get hacked each day. You can’t have the “it won’t happen to me” mentality. I encounter businesses all the time who feel […]


The 22 Key Elements of a High Quality Website

Have you ever wondered what makes a great website? You know things like content, videos, and images are all important, but there has to be more to it, right? There is! For example, 79% of people scan web pages, so if you don’t know how to make your page optimally […]


15 Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Wins to Test

Ecommerce platforms rely on sales to survive. If you operate one of these websites, you know how important sales are for your business. Whether you sell products exclusively online or have an ecommerce site in addition to your brick and mortar store, you need high conversion rates to be successful. On […]


Website Usability Guide

I’ll get straight to the point — if your website isn’t user-friendly, it will never succeed. That’s why website usability needs to be a top priority in 2019. People don’t have to put with a poor user experience anymore. If they’re unhappy with a website, they’ll can just navigate back […]


Checkout Process Design For High Conversion Rates

Ecommerce websites live and die by their conversions. For those of you who have a high volume of traffic to your website, that’s great news. But traffic alone doesn’t generate sales. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you are generating or how cool your site looks if you can’t make […]


The Best Ecommerce Website Builder

Launching an online store and trying to decide among the best ecommerce website builders, but don’t know which one’s right for you? They all seem to promise the same things: gorgeous templates, robust analytics, effortless inventory management, wonderful customer support. I’ve got you covered. I took a look at all […]


The Best SEO Tools the Pros Really Use in 2019

When I first started using SEO tools and tried to figure out which one was right for me, I was pretty confused. There are a bunch of tools in the space, they seem to overlap a lot, and there are way too many specialist tools to sort through. And which […]


The Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes

Choosing the right WordPress theme is important for everyone, but it’s especially crucial for ecommerce businesses: Your theme will ultimately have a direct impact on your conversion rates. As you know, conversions translate to dollars in the ecommerce world. Here’s the thing — selling products online is extremely competitive. You’re up […]


Website Speed Guide

Do you know how slow your site loads? Website speed needs to be a top priority for all websites in 2019. Why? Just a one-second delay in loading time results in: 16% decrease in customer satisfaction 11% fewer page views 7% loss in conversions Amazon says that one second of […]


The Best WordPress Themes for Blogs

There are more than 30 million bloggers in the United States alone. So how can you make your blog stand out from the millions of other blogs? You need to find an appealing WordPress theme. Obviously, your blog isn’t competing with every other blog on the planet. But, the competition […]


7 Reasons Why You Do NOT Need to Hire a Website Designer

I’ve had a dream for a while to quit my job and build my own business. Recently, I did just that. One of my businesses pays the bills while I build another one up. I gotta say, it’s as amazing as I dreamt about it all those years. I wake […]


13 Website Design Best Practices For 2019

Nearly anyone can get a website up and running with ease these days. It’s awesome. But just because your website is live, doesn’t mean that your design is optimized. Why does design matter? It only takes 0.05 seconds for people to form an opinion about your website. Yes, you read […]


10 Vital Customizations to Make in Google Analytics

Google Analytics can do just about whatever you want it to. It has a ton of depth. It can also feel a bit overwhelming once you get into it. After consulting on Google Analytics for years, both independently and as the head of marketing at an analytics startup, I have […]


Best Social Media WordPress Plugin – (Review Updated for Winter of 2019)

Social media has undoubtedly changed the way we live. It’s also changed the way we market ourselves, our businesses, and our websites. If you have a website in 2019, you definitely want some type of social media integration. You want your website visitors to engage with you on social media, […]


Best Membership Plugins for WordPress – (Review Updated for Winter of 2019)

Are you thinking about building a membership website? Great idea. Membership websites generate recurring revenue by offering premium content and features to members. It’s also a great way for you to establish your value within your niche. By offering memberships, you’re telling people that your content is so valuable you […]


Best WordPress Booking Plugin – (Review Updated for Winter of 2019)

I’ll get straight to the point. If your company takes reservations or appointments, you need an online booking system — period. Take a moment to analyze your current process. How does a customer schedule their appointment? Without an online booking system, I’m willing to bet that the process looks something […]


Shopify Review

Are you about to build an ecommerce website? Build it on Shopify. I kind of wish the answer had more nuance to it, so I could write a more engaging review. But it really is that simple. Ecommerce site = Shopify. End of story. Out of all the decisions you […]


Best WordPress Directory Plugin – (Review Updated For Winter of 2019)

The Internet is full of directories. In fact, your website might already be listed on some directories right now. Depending on the scenario, directories have multiple applications and use cases. For example, Yelp is a popular option for consumers to find a restaurant or service in a specified area based […]


Best WordPress Popup Plugin – (Review Updated For Winter of 2019)

Popups are a controversial topic, to say the least. Are they effective? Are they annoying? Do they work? Truthfully, the answer depends on who you ask. According to a study from Sumo that analyzed nearly two billion popups, the average conversion rate for a website popup is 3.09%. The top […]