17 Things to Do With Your Extra Hour That Will Make Next Week Amazing

Spring Forward, Fall Back. Unlike springtime when we lose an hour of sleep (which is pure evil), turning the clocks back is a joy and an opportunity. Here are 17 things you can do with the extra hour to start your week off right. 1. Sleep. Maybe I’m more attuned […]


5 Signs You’re Ready to Start a Company

Andy Palmer has started at least five companies by my count–and I’d guess he has invested in dozens of others. Based on that experience, I’d consider him an expert when it comes to deciding whether you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. After graduating from Bowdoin with a […]


Lesson From Zynga: Not All Founders Make Good CEOs

Eric Markowitz | Inc.com staff Jul 1, 2013 It’s official: Mark Pincus is stepping aside as CEO of Zynga. It’s hardly surprising: Founders rarely make good public-company CEOs. Flickr/Fortune Live Media Mark Pincus has left the building.  Well, sort of. In a statement issued earlier today, Pincus, the founder and CEO of […]


How to Tell If Your Employees Are Bored

START IT UP | Jessica Stillman Jul 1, 2013 You know bored employees often quit, so why aren’t your pausing every once in awhile to assess your top performers’ boredom levels? shutterstock images Sometimes your best employee leaves because he wants to move somewhere sunny or because his wife got a new […]


Inside Story: Inc.'s 'How I Did It'

Eric Schurenberg | Inc.com staff From the July/August 2013 issue of Inc. magazine Inc.‘s Editor in Chief Eric Schurenberg reveals why the longtime series is always compelling and dramatic read. Inc. I had coffee on a recent morning with an entrepreneur, as I often do. What struck me about this founder, an […]


Good News: Your Budget Is Probably Too Pessimistic

START IT UP | Jessica Stillman Jul 1, 2013 Did you create your budget in gloomier days? Be aware there’s new reason for optimism — and for making mid-year tweaks to your budget. shutterstock images A few phantom green shoots a couple of years back aside, it’s been a long time since […]


Fail on Your Own Terms

GRIST | Leigh Buchanan | Inc. magazine Jun 28, 2013 You say you believe in your idea. In your people. In your plan. Then run your business that way, and you’ll have no regrets. shutterstock images The startup-childbirth analogy ranks among our most overworked business clichés. We talk less about the deathbed vigil that […]


5 Ways to Vet an Incubator

Eric Markowitz | Inc.com staff Jun 28, 2013 Not all incubators are created equal–and with more of them out there, you need to choose where you apply wisely. <a target=_blank href="http://redirect.viglink.com?key=11fe087258b6fc0532a5ccfc924805c0&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.inc.com%2Fuploaded_files%2Fimage%2Ftechstars-full_9769.jpg" class="lightbox" title="bouldair/Flickr TechStars Accelerator Program. “> bouldair/Flickr TechStars Accelerator Program. The age of the accelerator is officially upon us. Here is […]


Best Advice I Ever Got: Yosef Martin

NEXT GENERATION | Young Entrepreneur Council Jun 28, 2013 This young entrepreneur started Merchandize Liquidators in his one-bedroom condo with $375. Here’s the advice he used to guide him to success. Courtesy Company Yosef Martin founded the fast-growing Merchandize Liquidators in his one-bedroom condo in 2003 with nothing but $375–and these three pieces of […]


Why Culture Matters So Much for Start-Ups

START IT UP | Jessica Stillman Jun 28, 2013 Are start-ups getting carried away with crazy perks? Maybe not, responds one VC, who offers a nuts and bolts rationale for this obsession with morale. The internet is full of tales of startups going to extreme lengths to get company culture right and […]


Blast From the Dot-Bomb Past

Blast From the Dot-Bomb Past | Inc.com Using a mobile device? Go to m.inc.com for our mobile version. Topics >  Running a Business >  Industries >  START ME UP | Minda Zetlin Jun 27, 2013 Author Minda Zetlin looks at new same-day delivery services. Jamie Lockey/Flickr Same-day delivery services (think Webvan and Kozmo) crashed and […]


How to Make the Best Misteaks

D.C. BILL | Bill Murphy Jr. Jun 27, 2013 Face it, sometimes you’re going to mess up. Here’s how to do wrong things the right way. <a target=_blank href="http://redirect.viglink.com?key=11fe087258b6fc0532a5ccfc924805c0&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.inc.com%2Fuploaded_files%2Fimage%2Fshutterstock_123609949_27185.jpg" class="lightbox" title="Shutterstock “> Shutterstock Winston Churchill famously said success is defined by the ability “to go from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” […]


Stop Being Awkward on the Phone

START IT UP | Jessica Stillman Jun 27, 2013 Are you a member of the texting generation who’s more than a little awkward on the phone? VC Mark Suster has tips for you. shutterstock images No one uses the phone anymore, the New York Times declared a couple of years ago and […]


A New Kind of Start-Up Incubator

HERDING GAZELLES | Karl Stark and Bill Stewart Jun 27, 2013 The product development firm, Insight, has launched a new funding model to help start-ups get through a critical stage of development shutterstock images Incubators are a fairly recent trend in the start-up world. They provide critical tools to a start-up; companies […]


This App Predicts the Weather–Down to the Minute

Eric Markowitz | Inc.com staff Jun 26, 2013 Dark Sky’s creators Adam Grossman and Jason LaPorte on how they developed their breakthrough meteorological technology. Carolyn Marks Blackwood <a target=_blank href="http://redirect.viglink.com?key=11fe087258b6fc0532a5ccfc924805c0&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.inc.com%2Fuploaded_files%2Fimage%2FDark-Sky-app-IN0713IDS02-pop_27156.jpg" class="lightbox" title="Courtesy Company FLASH FORECAST Using algorithms rather than traditional meteorotional methods, Dark Sky predicts storm velocity and intensity up to an […]


You Don't Need to Drop Out of College to Start Your Business

You Don’t Need to Drop Out of College to Start Your Business | Inc.com Using a mobile device? Go to m.inc.com for our mobile version. Topics >  Start-up  >  Incubators  >  Jennifer Alsever  |  Inc. magazine Jun 26, 2013 There are tons of new funding opportunities for undergrad entrepreneurs. <a target=_blank […]

Laura Brothers, Business InsiderJun 25, 2013 Not all stories have a happy ending. “> shutterstock images Kickstarter, the world’s largest crowdfunding site, gives entrepreneurs a platform to raise money for pet projects like a new business, a film, or even a music video. To date, the site has collectively raised […]


From Farmers' Market to National Brand

Robin D. Schatz Jun 25, 2013 The founder of Justin’s explains how his company shook up the nut butter category. TriathleteFood/Flickr Packets of Justin’s nut butter. In 2003, Justin Gold began peddling his homemade organic nut butters at a farmers’ market in Boulder, Colorado. With just $25,000 in seed money […]


The Death of a Start-up

Larry Kanter | Inc.com staff Jun 25, 2013 His company was thriving. Then he joined a startup accelerator. Now he’s going bust. Is start-up culture to blame? iStock Entrepreneurs love to talk about success. Failure, not so much. Indeed, when the dreaded f-word is mentioned, it’s almost always invoked as something to […]


How Not to Get Fired

Getting fired from the company you started may seem hard to imagine, but it happens fairly frequently. Avoid these mistakes and it won’t happen to you. Getty Getting fired from the company you created is probably the last thing you can imagine. Unfortunately, it’s a fairly regular occurrence that can […]


GrayBug: Disruptive RX for Your Eyes

Jill Krasny | Inc.com staff Jun 25, 2013 A Baltimore start-up tackles blindness with new innovative treatments. Shutterstock Warby Parker isn’t the only start-up disrupting the vision space. GrayBug, a company that recently won the Invest Maryland Challenge in Baltimore, Maryland, is revolutionizing drug delivery and treatments for the eye.  GrayBug started […]


11 Gadgets Inspired by Sci-Fi

Sci-fi authors and filmmakers are visionaries, creating gadgets for a whole new world. There’s the flying DeLorean from Back to the Future and the stealth helicopter that tracked Katniss Everdeen’s every move in Hunger Games. Wouldn’t it be cool to use those gadgets in real life? Turns out you can. […]

START IT UP | Jessica StillmanJun 25, 2013 Experts weigh in on everything from when should you try to get away to how to keep the heat from ruining your gadgets. “> shutterstock images This Friday summer officially got underway but you’ve probably been daydreaming about vacation season from long before that. […]