Strokes of Genius: 3 Business Lessons from Arnold Palmer

In September earlier this year the world lost golf’s patriarch, Arnold Palmer. His stellar playing career aside, Palmer’s biggest achievements stretched well beyond the game. Known today as the originator of sports marketing, Palmer was one of the first athletes to turn his name into a brand. Using his image and business acumen, Palmer’s empire […]


10 Conferences You Should Attend As A Business Owner

What’s the most important investment you can make as an entrepreneur? An investment in you. And that willingess to grow and learn is something that conferences can help feed. Not only do they offer valuable opportunities for you to get away from the grind, but they help you make new […]


Craig Simpson's Top 10 Must Read Books for Marketing Professionals

Entrepreneur Reads is a series designed to bring to our readers the best books we’ve found to help motivate your entrepreneurial drive. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be notified of new features. We’ve asked direct marketer and Entrepreneur Press author Craig Simpson for his favorite books that he believes our readers will enjoy. […]


21 Simple Ideas for a Successful Small Business Saturday

It’s hard for small businesses to compete with the big guys. But that’s why there’s Small Business Saturday. American Express founded Small Business Saturday in 2010, giving small businesses and brick-and-mortar stores across the country a special boost and a way to get shoppers’ attentions  between Black Friday and Cyber […]


Beat the Marketing Competition With Data Analysis

Many experts think that massive collection and analysis of data is the way to retain customers, but in reality, data’s not enough. And while the field of analytics is continuously growing, only 31 percent of CEOs, according to one study, said they felt confident that their organizations were in the top tier of […]


5 Business-Blogging Mistakes — and How to Fix Them

The year was 2008, and I had just launched an independent financial-planning firm. As a new business owner, I had determined that my number one goal was to stand out. But, how? Related: 17 Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Blog Eventually, I stumbled on the concept of blogging. I didn’t know […]


How to Prepare Your Business to Win Big on Black Friday

There’s no shopping day quite like Black Friday. Whether you participate online or battle your way through hoards of determined shoppers, Black Friday can be a stressful time for retailers looking to make money. But just like how shoppers plan out their mall trips to maximize their time while getting […]


6 Marketing Collaboration Tips From the Experts

Marketing is becoming more multi-faceted than any other department in a business, and no one knows this better than marketing executives who manage these teams. This is particularly true for those who work with not only an in-house team, but with freelancers who work in marketing departments remotely (something that […]


LinkedIn Is Still the Key to Generating Business Leads

After the initial buzz, interest in LinkedIn leveled out. And then last February, its stock price actually took a plunge to a three-year low of $102.89. That was more than a 46 percent drop, and it went on to cost the company $11 billion in value. Changes made to some of LinkedIn’s base […]


3 Ways to Incorporate Key Stakeholders Into Your Podcasts (and Benefit From It)

Podcasts nurture leads, meaning they nurture revenue — especially when it comes to younger audiences. When Peter Jukes, creator of the podcast Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder, asked a lecture hall full of college students if they read a newspaper, only three hands rose. But when he asked how many of them listened […]


4 Ways to Reach Customers with Coupons in a Digital Age

Everyone loves a deal. Realizing this, businesses have long used print-based discount offers such as coupons in newspapers to sell products. But, as consumers have increasingly obtained information online, businesses have seen an increase in consumers’ demand that these businesses shift all their marketing strategies to digital. While there are still […]


11 Ways to Write Powerful Ad Headlines

The following excerpt is from Craig Simpson and Brian Kurtz’s book The Advertising Solution. Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes Now it’s time to look at what ad expert Eugene Schwartz had to say about headlines because it gives us an interesting perspective on what a good headline is all about. Schwartz […]


6 Common Mistakes of DIY Public Relations

As a public relations expert, I’ll let you in on a little secret — you can do it yourself. I can, naturally, also explain why you should not do it on your own. Frankly, there are many, many good reasons not to. Like most things you may be able to […]


Why 'Make America Great Again' Beat 'Stronger Together'

Political pundits will, for years to come, dissect how political neophyte Donald J. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become our nation’s 45th president. But, as much as we can put politics aside, it’s clear one decision each campaign made certainly helped the winner and hurt the loser — the slogans. […]


10 Steps to Build Your Stature as an Influencer

Having a strong online influence is like having a megaphone in one hand and a crystal ball in the other. It gives you the knowledge to anticipate what your audience wants while simultaneously connecting consumers to resources, products or services that matter to them. Thus, you are able to bolster […]


4 Reasons Your First Marketing Strategy Isn't Working, and What to do About It

If you’ve written out a marketing strategy, you’re already ahead of the game: Too many companies neglect the act of formalizing their plans, instead relying on general ideas and improvisation, which almost never turns out well. Related: 5 Steps to Creating a Killer Marketing Strategy Thinking through and documenting your strategy […]


5 Ways Best-selling Entrepreneurs Market Their Books

As an entrepreneur, self-publishing a book can be a great way for you to build authority and share your ideas with a potentially unlimited number of people. Related: How This Self-Published Author Sold 10,000 Books with Almost No Money and Zero Connections That said, authors still have to get creative with […]


Want to Make 6 Figures From Your Amazon FBA Business? Here's How.

If you want to grow your business to six figures, it must be scalable, regardless of the business model. The advantage of a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) business is that you don’t have to warehouse products or handle the picking, packing and shipping. This is part of what makes an FBA business so […]


3 Ways B2B Sales Will Change in the Next 20 Years

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Alex Berman goes over his predictions of what B2B sales will be like in 20 years.  By 2036, Berman believes that companies will offer productized services — meaning that people will be able to go to a company’s website, quickly see the types of services being offered, pick […]


4 Advertising Principles from Ad Legend David Ogilvy

Reader Resource Position yourself for growth in 2017—join us live at the Entrepreneur 360™ Conference in Long Beach, Calif. on Nov. 16. Save $100 with Early-Bird Rates » The following excerpt is from Craig Simpson’s The Advertising Solution. Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes Let’s look at some secrets of creative […]


3 Common Misconceptions About Marketing Your Business

More and more small businesses are popping up everyday. You can easily start your own mobile app company, but how can you go about gathering and retaining leads? Having a website helps, but you definitely don’t want to fall victim to these fallacies. Below are 3 of the most common misconceptions […]


The Art of Persuading Customers to Tell Your Story Is Becoming a Science

Years ago, before there were such things as social media, user reviews and the Internet, there used to be a men’s store in my hometown of South Bend, Ind. Their tagline was “one man tells another.” They were ahead of their time, and that simple phrase is at the very heart […]


5 Ways New Companies are Capturing the Growing Senior Market

Those in the marketing, advertising and PR businesses are spending an inordinate amount of time worrying about how to market to the rapidly growing millennial market. The fact that this younger population responds less to advertising than any previous generation has marketers scurrying for alternative solutions. But while devoting energy […]


Skip the Emojis: Your Small Business' Text-Messaging Campaign Should Be All About the Deals

More than 90 percent of all text messages are opened and read within five minutes or less. And tons of small-business owners are ready to write their Short Message Service (SMS) success stories.  Let me give you a piece of advice: If you’re stuck on old-school methods, you’ll struggle with SMS. This is a tactic for modern-day business […]