Setup Google Analytics in 3 Steps – The Beginner’s Guide

I remember the first site I ever worked on — a blog I built in college. After getting the site live, I heard I needed Google Analytics so I set it up. A few days went by. Nothing really happened. Then… all of sudden… I received my first visitor! Holy […]


Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress – (Review Updated for Winter of 2019)

How much do you know about your website? It may sound like a simple question, but you’d be surprised how many people aren’t able to answer it. Sure, you probably know everything about the layout, design, content, and navigation on your site. But I’m referring to your website’s performance. Here’s […]


How to Create a Website in 120 Minutes — Step-by-Step

Creating a website used to be a massive project. And expensive too. Everything had to be built by hand and businesses needed to work with an online marketing agency that would charge them tens of thousands of dollars to build the site. If you wanted a professional-looking site, that was […]


Best WordPress Calendar Plugin – (Review Updated for Winter of 2019)

WordPress is the most popular content management system. Period. If you have a WordPress site — which you should if your site is a content site — you know how many plugins are available on this platform. There are thousands, literally thousands. I did a search today to see how many […]


Best WordPress Security Plugin – (Review Updated for Winter of 2019)

You wouldn’t buy a brick and mortar business without getting a lock for the front door, right? I imagine you’d probably even get an alarm system and install some cameras. These security measures are taken to prevent break-ins, from losing money, sustaining property damage, or putting sensitive information at risk. […]


The 5 Best WordPress Cache Plugins – (Winter 2019 Review)

How fast is your website? You might think your website is fast — but how fast is fast enough? You may be surprised that 47% of Internet users expect web pages to load in two seconds or less and they mean it: 40% of people will abandon websites that don’t […]


Best Form Plugin WordPress – (Review Updated For Winter of 2019)

How can your website visitors contact you? It’s a simple question, yet I see so many sites with complex solutions. Take a moment to put yourself into the shoes of a user navigating your website. For one reason or another, they have decided they want to reach you. This person […]


Best WordPress Backup Plugin – (Review Updated For Winter of 2019)

Imagine waking up one morning only to discover an error with your WordPress administrative dashboard. You contact your web hosting company, and they inform you that the website crashed — the handiwork of a hacker. In addition to missing out on website traffic and sales, you also lost your databases and […]


The Best Blogging Platforms and Blog Sites of 2019

When it comes to creating your own blog, you have two options. There are pre-built platforms like Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. These can be considered blogging platforms, and with them you can get started right away. There are obviously cons to these, but one pro is that these platforms […]


How to Start a Blog That Makes Money in 12 Easy Steps — The Complete Beginner’s Guide

I started my first blog to avoid getting a job. I’m completely serious. I was coming to the end of my undergraduate degree in international affairs and the thought of getting a job at the state department or in journalism sounded like a horrible idea. So I learned how to […]


How to Make Money Blogging in 2019

I have a major disclaimer before we begin. A good part of my career has been working for some of the folks in this list. In fact, I was personally responsible for setting annual revenue goals and hitting those goals while I was the Senior Director of Growth and Product […]


Best WordPress Gallery Plugin – (Review Updated For Winter of 2019)

If you search for “gallery” on the WordPress plugins page, you’ll see nearly 3,000 results to choose from. To say that number is overwhelming is an understatement. Who has time to go through all of those plugins to determine which one is the best? Fortunately, you don’t have to. I’ve […]


How to Get Blog Comments: 12 Questions To Ask Yourself

One of the biggest worries bloggers have is the silent blog syndrome. After putting endless hours of hard work into your blog, you find that it remains silent. No one comments. No one argues. No one praises. It’s a dark and lonely place. How do you get people to comment […]


The Complete Guide To Social Media Marketing For Bloggers

In this guide, we’re going to discuss some key ways you can build traffic to your blog once you have your social media communities established. It’s part of the complete guide to building your blog audience. Most people assume that social media sharing is easy. Yet many blog owners find that […]


Blogging and SEO: 5 Easy Steps to Rank Your Blog

Organic search remains an important way to generate traffic for your blog. It’s an essential part of blog marketing and in the following post we’ll show you the steps and tools you need to optimize your posts to help rank your blog. Let’s get started. 1. SEO friendly blog design […]


How to Transfer Your Website to Shopify

Without a doubt, Shopify is our recommended ecommerce tool. But what if you’re already on another ecommerce tool and want to make the switch? I put together this guide to help you transfer your store to Shopify in 4 easy steps. In mapping out these steps below, I’ve assumed a […]


Optimal Blog Design: 11 Elements and Examples of Blog Layouts and Designs

Are you trying to create the perfect blog design? You know, one that encourages people to read your content and share it on the social web and, most importantly, gets high rankings in the search engines? If you are trying to create a popular blog, here are the 11 essential elements (and examples […]


35 Blogging Ideas That Are Guaranteed to Be Popular Topics

Blogging with a purpose increases market share, consumer engagement, revenue growth, and ROI. Of course, you want to do that. I mean, just look at this: But a lot of people I know are still stuck on the fundamental question: What do we blog about? Here is a list of […]


How to Write a Blog Post: 22 Actionable Tips

How hard could it be to write a blog post? If a teenager can do it, you can too, right? Well, writing a blog post isn’t hard at all, but writing a great blog post is very difficult. Below are 22 actionable tips on how to write a blog post […]


19 Considerations For Increasing Conversions On Your Blog

Are you tired of spending money on content marketing… especially because it isn’t generating any income for you? Sure, you can throw some ads up on your blog, but unless you get millions of visitors a month, you probably won’t get a great return. Just look at the image above. That […]


A Guide To Making Your Corporate Blog Relevant

What’s your favorite piece of social media real estate? A Twitter or Facebook profile? Although those are great, the very first thing I would start with is a blog. Why? Because companies that blog typically have 97% more inbound links than those that don’t, which means more search engine traffic. […]


When to Use WordPress for Ecommerce and When to Avoid It

If you’re building a site that’s 100% focused on content or 100% focused on ecommerce, the best choice on how to build your site is very clear. What WordPress does best = Content WordPress is now a decade old and is still the reigning champ for managing sites with a […]


How to Create an Ecommerce Website in 9 Easy Steps

We’ve covered the high-level strategy of building an online store that makes real money here. But how do we create the ecommerce website itself? Below, you’ll find the 9 steps you need to take to create an ecommerce site. In this guide, we cover: The one and only ecommerce tool […]


How to Start an Online Store That Drives Sales in 2019

There’s a bunch of steps that go into starting an online store. What tool do you build your store with? What do you name your company and how do you get a domain? Do you dropship or not? How do you deal with taxes? All of these are important decisions. […]