How to Promote Your Podcast

Before we launched our Buffer podcast, so much of our time and energy (99.9% of it, I’d wager!) was spent getting the sounds and feel just right. We did all the podcast things we were supposed to do in order to make a really great podcast — the interviews, the mixing, the uploading — and […]


5 Reasons to Quickly Start Using Accelerated Mobile Pages

So you’re thinking about adding Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to your website? Stop thinking and start doing! Of course, it is all about how you implement AMP, but we’ll get into that. If you’re unfamiliar with AMP, it’s an open-source technology that enables pages on your site to load quickly for […]


9 Promotional Items to Consider Using in Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

If you feel like your mailing results are on a downhill slide, you may need mix things up a little bit. Now is the time to send out a mailing that is really different. One of the most critical aspects of your direct mail campaign is getting prospects to open […]


6 Ways to Avoid Hiring the Next Ryan Lochte

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Mark Fidelman explains the six key factors to look for before hiring your next influencer. To start off, Fidelman says that it’s important to do your research. By checking out previous campaigns that the influencer has done and asking for referrals, you’ll get a […]


5 Marketing Tactics You Can Borrow From Popular Hotels

Competition in the hotel industry is fierce, requiring companies to get more and more creative with their marketing strategies in order to stand out in their crowded field. Related: Millennials? Focus on Individuals, Not Demographics  No wonder industry leaders have developed innovative marketing strategies that can be translated to fit almost any other type […]


What You Can Learn About Growing a Brand From the Most Influential Celebs

Allison Statter knows a thing or two about what it takes to become an influencer in today’s digital world. The daughter of music maven Irvine Azoff, Statter has seen close friends such as Kim Kardashian and Chelsea Handler rise from the ranks from “regular people” to celeb status. In an interview, Statter talks […]


Want to Become a Digital Marketing Expert? Here is How to Get Started.

Q: How do you suggest getting started in a career in digital marketing? A: Digital marketing is a moving target that is constantly evolving, making it more and more difficult for new comers to learn the art. It’s this challenge that actually excites me about digital marketing, as you have […]


The Intersection of Psychology and Marketing

Across TV, radio, print, web, and mobile, marketers invest advertising dollars, creative energy and time into targeted messages meant to trigger an emotional response among consumers. For their efforts, marketers hope they may improve the general sentiment towards their brand, convince new audiences to buy their product and encourage existing […]


4 Rules For Converting Leads into Sales

There are hundreds of millions of blogs cluttering the internet. The companies you are up against are not just the ones from two blocks away. Now, the competition is global. More importantly, a workforce from all over the globe aids it. While you sit here reading this post, your competitors […]


For Product Placement Marketing, It's All About the Moolah

The most effective advertisements have always been the ones that don’t look like advertisements. Product placement — placing brand name products in movies and television shows — is nothing new and, until about the 1980s, “Big Tobacco” worked tirelessly to place their products in the movies. The movie E.T., while […]


5 Simple, Low-Budget Growth Hacks to Increase App Downloads

Are you looking for simple strategies that can lead to thousands — if not millions — of downloads? Are you looking for out-of-the-box app marketing ideas to help your app get discovered? Getting downloads for your app is a tough task. But here are five simple growth hacks to help you increase […]


How Mobile-Friendly Is Your Website? If You Don't Know, You're Missing Out on Sales.

Years ago, many people still used their desktop or laptop computers to research products and complete online purchases. Those were the days: Businesses could get away with website design that wasn’t particularly mobile-friendly. Those days are long gone. In today’s ever-connected world, shoppers are savvier and more demanding than ever. Business owners […]


Link-Building 101: Wanna Take the Course?

Organic search is a big component of most digital marketing plans, and for good reason: Studies have shown that placement on the first page of search engine results is critical for driving traffic to your website. Related: 5 Creative Link-Building Techniques For Your Website In fact, only 8.5 percent of all searchers bother to look […]


Online Reviews Are the New Social Proof

Consumers are influenced by other people more than they realize (or are willing to admit). According to the Wall Street Journal, social norms influence consumption behavior and even private interests, including one’s taste in music. This is what makes the concept of social proof a powerful one.  What is social proof? […]


After A Failure, What Makes Customers 'Trust' Again? And Can Chipotle Pull It Off?

After a 2015 E. coli and norovirus outbreak that sickened more than 50 customers across 11 states, Chipotle’s second-quarter profits are down 81 percent year over year, and sales have dropped significantly, USA Today reported last week. In an effort to combat this loss of customers, the Associated Press reported, the company “tried giving […]


8 Interview Questions to Ask a Prospective Social Media Marketer

Hiring the right person for any position is key to running a successful business. That’s why it’s critical to ask all of the right questions during the interview process.  In this video, Entrepreneur Network partners Drew Johnson and Savannah Sanchez of 7Twelve Marketing go over eight important interview questions that […]


The No. 1 Reason Your Online Business Isn't Making Money

We live in an interesting time. Today, 3 billion people log onto the internet each day, and that number is growing by 8 percent every year. You can learn how to do pretty much anything through blogs, websites, podcasts and videos. This has created a tremendous opportunity to get exposure […]


How to Avoid Potential Pitfalls With User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is like gold hidden in the rubble. Its potential value is great, but you’ll need to do a lot of navigating to unlock its true potential. Content marketers have already weighed in on the benefits that can be derived from UGC, and many brands have made the move to make […]


5 Common SEO Schemes That Will Burn You

One of the things I like most about search engine optimization (SEO) is the diversity of different approaches it offers that can work for it. You don’t have to use a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter approach, and in most cases, you can’t. Related: 10 Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Consultant […]


10 Strategies to Prepare for Speaking Engagements

Public speaking, some people love it, some are terrified by it. There are so many articles regarding how to prepare yourself for speaking engagements that it’s overwhelming. From the old school advice of picture everyone in the room without clothes. To the look at everyone directly in the eye when […]


4 Top Mistakes Your Brand May Be Making When It Markets to Small Businesses

Having worked as an advisor for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 members and even global multinationals, I see the same mistakes being repeated over and over again for targeting entrepreneurs and small business owners. Related: The 7 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Every Startup Makes If your company sells B2B, or you […]


4 Effective Email Marketing Conversion Tips for Small Businesses

Email marketing allows you to reach a highly targeted audience at a low cost. In fact, experts at Campaign Monitor, an email marketing company, estimate that an effective email marketing message has the potential to result in $38 in revenue, for just $1 of marketing investment. Here are some email marketing […]


How Small Business Networking Strengthens Your Personal Brand

Ideally, every business can only survive when there are people, and one’s net gain depends on his network. No wonder the economics analysts maintain that connecting/networking is one of the most important business, and life skill sets you will ever learn. Studies have shown that a greater percentage of people […]


How to Get Your Emails Opened

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Ben Angel explains how you can boost your sales through email marketing.  Today, email marketing is just as effective — if not more effective — than social media. In fact, the two often go hand-in-hand.  To start off, Angel explains the importancce of subject lines and message […]