Google is making great hardware

Google’s Web-streaming Chromecast device costs just $35 and was an immediate hit. Google, known historically for its Web products, is now making popular gadgets Over the last year, Google has released a string of incredible hardware products The Chromebook Pixel laptop and Chromecast TV-streaming device are big hits To endure […]


Hyperloop vs. world's fastest trains

China’s Shanhai Maglev train is currently the world’s fastest, able to hit 311 mph with a top operating speed of 268 mph. Elon Musk’s proposed Hyperloop system would be twice as fast as world’s speediest train China’s Shanghai Maglev train has topped out at 311 mph For L.A to San […]


Report: New iPhone coming Sept. 10

.cnn_html_media_utility::before{color:red;content:’>>’;font-size:9px;line-height:12px;padding-right:1px} .cnnstrylccimg640{margin:0 27px 14px 0} .captionText{filter:alpha(opacity=100);opacity:1} .cnn_html_slideshow_media_caption a,.cnn_html_slideshow_media_caption a:visited,.cnn_html_slideshow_media_caption a:link,.captionText a,.captionText a:visited,.captiontext a:link{color:#004276;outline:medium none} .cnnVerticalGalleryPhoto{margin:0 auto;padding-right:68px;width:270px} ]]> Fall is coming, which means new smartphones are on the way in time for the holidays. Reports suggest Apple will hold an event September 10 to launch the successor to its aging iPhone […]


Why people share murder, rape on Facebook

Derek Medina, right, posted a picture of his slain wife’s body to Facebook and then turned himself in for her murder. Crimes, both minor and major, get confessed on social media surprisingly often A Miami man allegedly killed his wife and posted a photo of her body on Facebook Experts […]


Nearly half of all video gamers are women

A visitor to this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles plays a demo of “Warframe” at the Sony Playstation 4 booth. Report: Almost half of video game players in U.S. are female Gamers cite a rise in strong female characters in top titles In gaming circles, though, some say […]


YouTube creators unveil MixBit

MixBit users can edit together up to 256 clips from the site to create videos that are up to one hour long. MixBit, released Thursday, lets users create and edit short videos It’s from two of the creators of YouTube Users can splice up to 256 videos together to create […]


Why more Amber alerts will be waking you up

A cell phone in Los Angeles, California, displays an Amber Alert issued late Monday. Californians were startled awake this week by Amber Alerts on their phones The alerts were the first sent statewide in California under a new program Some people were annoyed by the alerts, while others cite them […]


Facebook is tweaking your News Feed

This image, provided by Facebook, shows how an older but popular post could be moved up in a user’s News Feed. Facebook is tweaking your News Feed to put popular older posts back on top On an average day, people only see 300 of the 1,500 posts from their friends […]


New Galaxy Note coming Sept. 4?

With a 5.6-inch display screen, the Samsung Galaxy Note II leads a wave of smartphone-tablet hybrids. Samsung expected to unveil new Galaxy Note on Sept. 4 Invitation to Berlin event says to “note” the date The company’s Note line leads a bigger-screen category (CNN) — It’s becoming an annual tradition: […]


Limbaugh: Tech bloggers 'hate' Apple

Right-wing commentator Rush Limbaugh: “Nine out of 10 bloggers writing high-tech hate Apple.” Rush Limbaugh says “9 out of 10 bloggers writing high-tech hate Apple” Limbaugh compares Apple to the GOP because both are under attack by liberal media Limbaugh: “Google, Android, and Samsung are the equivalent of the Democrats” […]


5 things Mars rover Curiosity has taught us

Curiosity landed on Mars on August 6, 2012 (August 5 in the western U.S.) The rover will make a 5-mile journey to the planet’s Mount Sharp Scientist says landing the rover itself was a major accomplishment Rover found evidence that life could have existed on Mars (CNN) — One of […]


The five scariest hacks we saw last week

At the Black Hat and DefCon conferences in Las Vegas, hackers showcase exploits they’ve found to help fix them. Security researchers showed the latest phone, home and car hacks in Las Vegas Smartphones were hacked through chargers, malware and femtocells Some cameras in computers, toys and smart TVs can be […]


Hackers break into homes

“Smart home” devices are becoming more common — but not all of them are equipped with proper security, say experts. Hackers break into homes equipped with security devices Among vulnerable items: front-door locks, power outlets, even certain toilets Number of automated products for the home expected to soar (CNN) — […]


Apparently This Matters: Got leftovers? Wanna trade?

A new app lets you share your uneaten food with strangers. What could possibly go wrong? Leftover Swap is an app that will allow users to share, trade away uneaten food Developer: “So much is going to waste” Bellini: It’s sort of like Craigslist for your pizza Editor’s note: Each […]


Images overtaking texting

One professor sees the spread of photos on social media as “sort of an interesting attempt at fame.” Messaging has progressed from e-mails to texts, tweets, Vines and Instagram pics Young people, especially, communicate through visuals and short bits of text Professor: Brevity “encourages people to distill ideas down to […]


Pilot invented plane 'vasectomy'

.cnn_html_media_utility::before{color:red;content:’>>’;font-size:9px;line-height:12px;padding-right:1px} .cnnstrylccimg640{margin:0 27px 14px 0} .captionText{filter:alpha(opacity=100);opacity:1} .cnn_html_slideshow_media_caption a,.cnn_html_slideshow_media_caption a:visited,.cnn_html_slideshow_media_caption a:link,.captionText a,.captionText a:visited,.captiontext a:link{color:#004276;outline:medium none} .cnnVerticalGalleryPhoto{margin:0 auto;padding-right:68px;width:270px} ]]> Pilot Sean Bautista helped “Planes” filmmakers invent a storyline that allows the character Dusty, shown here, increase his speed. Dane Cook provides Dusty’s voice in the movie. A lot of the planes in […]


Surgery at hands of robot?

Da Vinci robotic surgery has performed more than 1.5 million operations since late 1990s Surgeon operates robot remotely controlling up to 50 instruments on four robotic arms California-based company had turnover of $2 billion in 2012 and lead the robot surgery field (CNN) — Every day, we happily entrust more […]


Facebook enables embedded posts

Facebook provided this example of an embedded post from tennis star Venus Williams. Facebook is rolling out a feature that lets you embed posts Users can share posts on their blogs and websites Embedding only works for public posts on the site Facebook is following Twitter, which already allowed embedding […]


SIM card hack inspires quick fix by carriers

The personal data on SIM cards, which are found in every mobile phone, was considered unhackable until recently. Expert: Wireless carriers fix a bug that could have allowed criminals to hack into cell phones A German cryptographer who hacked into SIM cards says he discovered the bug SIM cards can […]


Build your home from scratch for $35,000

.cnn_html_media_utility::before{color:red;content:’>>’;font-size:9px;line-height:12px;padding-right:1px} .cnnstrylccimg640{margin:0 27px 14px 0} .captionText{filter:alpha(opacity=100);opacity:1} .cnn_html_slideshow_media_caption a,.cnn_html_slideshow_media_caption a:visited,.cnn_html_slideshow_media_caption a:link,.captionText a,.captionText a:visited,.captiontext a:link{color:#004276;outline:medium none} .cnnVerticalGalleryPhoto{margin:0 auto;padding-right:68px;width:270px} ]]> Simon Dale built his own ‘Hobbit House’ for less than $5,000. Dale says the whole building was constructed with just a hammer, a one-inch chisel and a chainsaw, and was made largely of […]


NSA chief defends snooping, faces hecklers

Gen. Keith Alexander, NSA director: “I promise you the truth — what we know, what we’re doing, and what I cannot tell you.” The NSA director says intel programs have stopped 54 terrorist attacks worldwide Gen. Keith Alexander spoke Wednesday at the Black Hat computer-security conference Alexander: Data-surveillance program does […]


MIT report: We did not 'target' Aaron Swartz

Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz fought for Web freedoms but faced charges that he illegally downloaded online documents. NEW: Father of Internet activist says “MIT in fact played a central role in Aaron’s suicide” Internal report finds no wrongdoing by MIT in the case of Aaron Swartz Swartz committed suicide while […]


Twitter faces new pressure to limit hate speech

This tweet was sent to Caroline Criado-Perez after her successful campaign to honor a woman on British currency. Social media sites are wrestling with how to police hateful speech A man in England was arrested after a feminist received rape threats on Twitter Sites have difficulty policing millions of users […]


Twitter faces backlash over rape-threat tweets

Criado-Perez successfully campaigned to have women pictured on UK banknotes A 21-year-old man arrested in Manchester area on suspicion harassment against the campaigner Twitter’s UK General Manager Tony Wang urged users to report instances of abuse on the site (CNN) — A barrage of rape and death threats on Twitter […]