How to Deliver Relevant Marketing Content by Segmenting Your Email Subscribers

Email marketing needs to be a top priority for your company’s content strategy. In fact, 80% of retail brands named email marketing as the top driving factor in customer retention. Plus, email has the highest ROI per $1 spent compared to other content strategies. On average, for every $1 you spend on […]


How to Increase the Average Order Value on Your Ecommerce Store

As an ecommerce shop, you always need to come up with new ways to increase your revenue. But with that said, it’s a common misconception that you need to find new customers to generate more sales. That’s simply not the case. In fact, there are plenty of ways to increase […]


How to Create a Trustworthy and Transparent Pricing Page

Is your pricing page designed to drive conversions? There are some common problems I see all the time when I’m analyzing these landing pages. It’s a tricky situation for businesses. On the one hand, you want your pricing page to be informative, useful, and beneficial to your prospective customers. But […]


How to Drive Sales with These 11 Instagram Marketing Strategies

In today’s competitive landscape, your business needs to leverage as many distribution channels as possible to increase sales. By now, I’m sure you understand the basic concepts of applying a social media marketing strategy. You’ve created business profiles on the most popular networks. You’re sharing content on a regular basis. […]


How to Generate Sales by Triggering an Emotional Response from Your Customers

Emotions drive our lives. Whether you recognize it or not, you feel a wide range of emotions on a daily basis. You might even be feeling some emotions right now as you’re reading this. The word emotion is defined by an instinctive state of mind as a reflection of mood, […]


How to Use A/B Testing to Experiment with These 13 Elements of Your Website

You’ve done a great job of finding new ways to drive more traffic to your website. But if that traffic isn’t translating into conversions, you’ve still got plenty of work to do. I see this common misconception in my consulting work all the time. Businesses spend much time and effort […]


How to Increase Your Brand Exposure in 2018 with Public Relations

How are you managing the reputation of your company? If you are struggling to find an answer to this question, you may need to re-evaluate your strategy moving forward. There are certain aspects of your brand’s reputation you have control over, e.g., the way you distribute content through your marketing […]


How B2B Audiences Engage with Business Content Online

As a B2B company, you need to learn how to properly market your brand to the right audience. That’s because your target market doesn’t consume content the same way as the average consumer does. Following the habits and trends of a typical consumer won’t help you. This is especially important […]


Use These 10 Tools to Enhance Your Instagram Post Conversions

Your business needs to have an active presence on Instagram. With more than 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram is officially the fastest growing social media network. According to Sprout Social, 71% of businesses in the United States are using Instagram for marketing. By now, I hope you have your profile […]


The Top 13 Tools to Use for A/B Testing

To have a successful website, you need to find ways to maximize your conversions. Right now, you might think the layout of your site has an optimal design, but how can you know for sure? The only way to figure this out is to test it. This isn’t something you […]


How to Improve Your Online Reputation

Things happen. You made a mistake and did something that damaged your reputation. Maybe you said something that people took as offensive. Or maybe your social media manager tweeted something inappropriate. The delete button doesn’t erase things from someone’s memory. Or maybe your company was the victim of a credit […]


How to Avoid Stale Content with These 21 Ideas for Your Upcoming Social Media Posts

Social media has changed the way we live. As marketers, we need to recognize how our current and prospective customers are utilizing these platforms and use that knowledge to our advantage. Ultimately, you want to be able to convert your social media followers into customers. But this is much easier […]


How to Communicate with Your Customers Effectively on All Your Distribution Channels

As a business owner, you need to communicate with many people on a daily basis. You’re used to delegating tasks to your employees and dealing with merchants, accountants, lawyers, bankers, and everyone else who makes your operation possible. Communication skills are also important in your personal life. You need to […]


12 Marketing Skills You Need to Survive in the Age of AI

The time has finally arrived. We’re living in the era of artificial intelligence. It sounds crazy, right? To the average person, artificial intelligence doesn’t seem like a reality of our everyday lives. They associate AI with movies when robots take over the world. While we’re not quite at that point, […]


10 Ways Machine Learning Is Reshaping Marketing

Advancements in technology are constantly changing our world. This is no secret. As a marketer, you need to have a better understanding of this technology that goes far beyond the latest smartphone release. If you recall, artificial intelligence made my list of the top marketing trends to look for in […]


How to Become Profitable with Instagram Ads

I’m sure by now you recognize the importance of staying active on social media to promote your business. Your Instagram marketing campaigns need to be a priority. If you’re not using Instagram to reach your customers, there is a good chance your competitors are doing so. In fact, more than […]


13 Marketing Tips SEOs Can Learn From PPC Managers

As an SEO expert, you know what it takes to get your content ranked high in search engine results. Depending on how good you are at SEO, sometimes the only results displayed higher than yours are those from PPC campaigns. SEO and PPC are considered to be two very different […]


How to Increase Your Ecommerce Product Sales with Shoppable Posts on Instagram

How often do people visit your website? To be a successful ecommerce shop, you need to rely on website traffic that leads to conversions. That said, the same people probably aren’t navigating to your website every day. Even your most loyal customers don’t have a reason to visit your site […]


How to Use Lifetime Value to Create a Facebook Audience That Actually Converts

To survive and stay relevant in the modern era, your business needs to have an active presence on social media. When it comes to social networks, Facebook is king. As of June 2018, the platform had more than 1.47 billion daily active users and 2.23 billion monthly active users. Over […]


Augmented Reality SEO: What to Expect in the Future

Augmented reality. It sounds like a term that should be used to describe a science fiction movie. But augmented reality (AR) has become a force to be reckoned with in 2018. By definition, AR uses technology to superimpose computer-generated visuals on the user’s view of their real-world surroundings, which creates […]


How to Generate Leads with PPC Campaigns for Your B2B Company

B2B brands need to use a marketing strategy different from that of B2C brands. Some of you may operate as a B2B and B2C company. In this case, you may have already implemented some of the most effective ways to generate leads for your business on the B2C side. However, not […]


How to Improve Your Click Through Rates with Emojis

Whether you love them or hate them, emojis have become part of our lives and our digital culture. The first emoji was created nearly 20 years ago in Japan. But today, the use of these tiny, animated faces and characters has drastically evolved. They have become so popular that July 17th […]


How to Generate More Profits by Focusing on Your Pricing Strategy

You can tell a lot about a business by how it sets its prices. Psychologically, consumers are programmed to behave a certain way when they see the price of a product or service. Your pricing strategy can control the entire perception of your brand. It’s similar to the way different color […]


How to Generate Recurring Sales by Implementing Subscriptions

Every business needs to come up with creative ways to drive sales. Sure, you may be doing well today, but how are you planning on making money tomorrow? What about next month or next year? Whether your company sells a physical product or offers a service, the subscription business model […]