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Content Marketing

Our favorite channel, by far, is content marketing. We don’t have to push people to become our customers, all we have to do is release amazing content and great prospects will come to us. For many us, getting into sales or paid marketing just as appealing as being able to […]


Paid Marketing

There is possibly nothing else in marketing more magical than getting a paid marketing funnel to work. Think about it. You put $1 in and you get $2 out. At that point, you’re printing money for your business, getting bigger with every cycle of your paid marketing. Now the bad […]



Google is still the place to find answers to questions. Search engines have changed over the years, and the barrier to entry has gotten a lot higher. When we started, all it took was a ton of content in order to get search traffic. The game has changed. Not only […]



Fundamentally, you need to make money, or you don’t have a business. That’s actually the only true failure in business. No matter what happens, don’t run out of money. Every other mistake can be fixed. As simple as that sounds, there’s a reason why you can find over 90,000 business […]


Pull Strategies for Getting More Visitors

So, you want to get new visitors to your site? There are three fundamental ways to get traffic. No more. No less. You can pull people in, push people in, or you can use the product to get people in. These are the 3 p’s of getting traffic. What’s the […]


How to Activate Users

Now you have visitors to your product, but that’s the problem. They are just visitors. You’ve found a way to get them to come to your product, but if this is all you do then they will bounce at an incredibly high rate. Your goal is to activate them. Activation […]


Viral Hacking to Get Hypergrowth

The ability to use the product itself to get new visitors is one of the most exciting aspects of growth hacking. Pulling visitors into the top of your funnel is good, and so is pushing them in, but there is something magical about using the product itself to drive traffic. […]


9 Tactics to Fix Your User Retention

Retention is the act of getting your members to use your product in such a way that it becomes habitual. That’s why we call them users at this stage. if you retain them then they are literally using your product often. If you are a SaaS company then this means […]


Drive Sales With Affiliate Marketing

Connections are the heart of online marketing. Affiliate programs take that concept to the next level. Let’s say that you’re running a company that specializes in shoes. Your customer base knows that you’re a shoe expert but also values your input on other high quality products — like handbags. Maybe […]


How to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Human-to-human connections are the heart and soul of business. At the end of the day, you’re dealing with people — your company is solving problems, alleviating pain points, and providing delightful customer experiences. Revenue is something that happens as a byproduct of a sound business model and a positive customer […]


Get the Word Out With Public Relations

You’ve launched an amazing product or service. Now what? Now, you need to get the word out. But you’re on a budget and can’t afford the $10K a month to hire a fancy agency and put out press releases. That’s fine. You’re better off executing you’re on strategy or hiring […]


How to Get Backlinks: The Complete Guide

Do you want to lean how to get backlinks? Here are 21 ways to get links in 2019. It takes hard work and persistence. It’s always good to get more quality backlinks—the ones that are natural because you have content worth linking to. You can build these backlinks using a few […]


The Power Of Emotional Marketing

Consumers think with both their rational and emotional brains. Study after study says that when we buy, it’s for emotional reasons. Logic comes into play when we try to justify the money we have (or are about to) spend — especially when we’re giving into our wants. Here is what […]


How to Avoid Friction Points for Your Customers

There’s many things we can do in order to encourage people to purchase. But if we’re not careful… We’ll push people away. These are friction points, points in our marketing and business that PUSH customers away. In many cases, we don’t even realize it. Friction points are one of the […]


The Psychology Of Pricing

If you’re running a business or marketing team, you’re probably focused on three key metrics: cost, revenue, and profit (or margin). Your goal is always to minimize costs while maximizing revenues. You may even work with a finance leader to set aggressive growth goals for your company. For many business […]


The Psychology Of Color

Color and visual cues can have a dramatic impact on conversion rates. On Quick Sprout, for instance, the Hellobar — a red bar on the top of the page accounts for 11% of all new leads. The same is true for — she generates around 20% of her revenue […]


How to Use Tumblr To Drive Traffic and Land New Customers

With millions of passionate users, Tumblr is a social media powerhouse that can’t be ignored. Even if you’ve never read a Tumblr blog, I’ll walk you through the steps you need to take to create an awesome Tumblr blog from scratch. I’ll also go over how you can promote your […]


The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand

My parents like to tell a story from my childhood. When I was a toddler they would put me in the backseat of the car in child’s car seat when they would take me somewhere like to the store or to a friend’s house. When we would drive down the […]


Build Audience Connections with Content Marketing

You’ve heard the term tossed around a million times. Content marketing. The phrase seems simple enough, but what exactly is it? Content marketing is just what it sounds like. It’s the process of engaging and growing your customer base through high quality content. Content marketing is an investment. It’s part […]


How to Build Traffic Through Forums

Forum marketing might be the most underutilized traffic generation strategy on the planet. Industry forums are a watering hole of potential leads and customers. However, simply creating a signature and leaving generic posts isn’t going to get you a tidal wave of traffic. I’m going to show you how you […]


How to Find ClickBank Products to Promote

ClickBank is a minefield of shady offers and over-hyped information products. But within the ebook jungle there are several world-class products that you can promote to your email list or website visitors. I’ll you how to sift through the low-quality junk so that you can find top-notch products that you […]


The Ultimate Guide to Content Link Building

One of the biggest myths in SEO is that quality content generates natural links. It doesn’t. Thousands of site owners bang out hundreds of pieces of quality content every single day…without a single backlink to show for it. To earn links in today’s crowded content world, you need to take […]


How to Create Content That Drives Sales

There is a big misconception that content marketing doesn’t drive sales. But if it didn’t work well, none of my companies would exist. Content marketing is an absolute necessity for brand survival and I’ve grown each of my businesses through content marketing. If you want to generate hordes of sustainable, […]


93 Content Marketing Tools You Need to Check Out in 2019

Content marketing is different these days. You used to be able to publish blog posts on just about anything, and you’d get at least some traffic. But now, you won’t get any. Quality content marketing takes a lot of time and effort—there’s just no way around it. But there are, of […]