11 Gadgets Inspired by Sci-Fi

Sci-fi authors and filmmakers are visionaries, creating gadgets for a whole new world. There’s the flying DeLorean from Back to the Future and the stealth helicopter that tracked Katniss Everdeen’s every move in Hunger Games. Wouldn’t it be cool to use those gadgets in real life? Turns out you can. […]

START IT UP | Jessica StillmanJun 25, 2013 Experts weigh in on everything from when should you try to get away to how to keep the heat from ruining your gadgets. “> shutterstock images This Friday summer officially got underway but you’ve probably been daydreaming about vacation season from long before that. […]


Your Next Hire: Foreign, Web Savvy, Hungry for Challenge

IDEA ACCELERATOR | Jeff Hoffman Jun 24, 2013 The next generation of entrepreneurs literally have the world at their fingertips. Here’s why you want to employ them. Shutterstock After years of launching companies, I’ve often wondered how today’s entrepreneurs create, structure, and grow a small business. Finally, I took a 16-month tour […]


8 Ways Successful People Stretch Their Comfort Zones

THE SUCCESSFUL SOLOIST | Marla Tabaka Jun 24, 2013 Truly great entrepreneurs aren’t satisfied with comfort. Pushing their own limits is how they get to greatness. Brook Pifer/Getty Everyone has a so-called “comfort zone.” You know what I’m talking about: that mental space you live in where there are boundaries and you […]


Where to Find Terrific Team Players

Jana Kasperkevic | Inc.com staff Jun 21, 2013 Need a few good business partners? Sometimes the best team is the one you’ve already played with. Shutterstock Launching a business is hard, so it’s no wonder the majority of entrepreneurs refuse to go it alone.  Some find their partner at school or at […]


3 Types of Employees Who Always Resist Change

START IT UP | Jessica Stillman Jun 21, 2013 Got innovation-phobic team members? Use this handy guide to classify and overcome their objections. shutterstock images In business, just about everybody claims to be for creativity and finding new and better ways to do business. Not only does innovation sound exciting, it also […]


Angie Hicks Shares Her Secrets to Success

D.C. BILL | Bill Murphy Jr. Jun 21, 2013 A lot has changed since the mid-1990s when Google and email were barely in use. Here, the service rating site founder explains what sets her small business apart.


To Hell and Back: The Dramatic Tale of a Pet Company

TECHTOWN | Erik Sherman Jun 21, 2013 It started with a simple idea: a portable loo for dogs. But building it into a $10 million company nearly sunk founder Tobi Skovron. PKMousie/Flickr Tobi Skovron has lived what many would see as the entrepreneurial dream. He came up with an idea, started it […]


The 80% Energy Rule: An Old Secret to Success

START IT UP | Jessica Stillman Jun 24, 2013 A hard-charging professional flames out and discovers a better way of working based on the wisdom of long-lived Japanese islanders. Ojo de Cineasta/Flickr Sakae-machi Market in Naha, Okinawa Who’s your business role model? Whether you go for high tech gurus like Steve Jobs […]