As birthday wishes come rolling in on Facebook, wouldn’t it be nice if all those well-wishers could club together to buy one pressie – perhaps an Amazon Gift Card. Now, they can.

With one user starting up a gift card on Facebook with as little as $1, other friends of the recipient can add to that total to form a joint gift. On the birthday itself, messages from gift contributors will appear on the recipient’s timeline along with a link to claim the gift.

“Birthdays have always been social occasions, and sites like Facebook now make it possible for anyone around the world to send birthday wishes to friends – with Amazon Birthday Gift, those many individual messages can become a big gift,” said Amazon’s VP of traffic Steve Shure.

“Whether it’s your best friend or your old high school teammate, Amazon Birthday Gift lets you join a social gift that will grow as more friends participate, which makes giving and receiving birthday messages on Facebook even more fun.”

In September, 2012, Facebook launched its own gift-giving service for online and mobile users. Users can choose from a variety of gifts offered by 100 retail partners including major players such as Starbucks and 1-800-Flowers.

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Source: Amazon facilitates social gifting on Facebook


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