Ian Geddes, Deloitte’s head of retail, says that 2013 is the year that “mobile moves from a project run by the IT department to a strategic priority in the boardroom”. His comments come as a new Consumer Review is released showing a 14% rise in smartphone penetration in the UK to 72%.

Reacting to the rise in the number of shoppers wielding mobile devices, retailers are increasingly installing Wi-Fi into stores, developing apps, and optimizing marketing campaigns for tablets and smartphones.

The survey of 1,000 UK consumers found one in three had already used some form of online wallet and 12% had used contactless technology to make a purchase.

“There is no doubt that mobile is rapidly redefining the way consumers and brands interact even more than the Internet did,” said Ben Perkins, head of consumer business research at Deloitte.

“Consumers are expecting convenience, simplicity and security in exchange for their loyalty. It is only by embracing mobile’s full potential with the right strategy that a consumer facing business can compete in a mobile-centric world.”

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Source: Deloitte: Mobile impacting retail more than Internet


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