ExactTarget’s ‘Digital North’ study, the latest (#21) in the company’s ‘Subscribers, Fans & Followers’ research series reveals that, while just 13% of Canadian consumers (age 18 or over) follow a brand on Twitter, it is the channel that prompts most to make a purchase; more so than Facebook or email, the country’s other most-popular online channels.

According to ExactTarget’s survey of more than 1,300 online Canadian consumers, 31% are more likely to buy from a company after following them on Twitter, and 5% have made a purchase after receiving a marketing message on the micro-blogging platform.

The 20-page report, which can be downloaded free of charge, states that “Compared to email and Facebook users, Twitter users are the least selective about which brands they tend to follow and are the most likely to be open to receiving marketing messages. Because Twitter users report an increased likelihood of recommending and purchasing from a brand after becoming a follower, Twitter users hold incredibly high value to marketers.”

When it comes to email, 93% of online Canadian consumers subscribe to at least one email marketing program, of which 44% have made a purchase after receiving an email marketing message.

As for Facebook, 61% of Canadians have Liked a brand or company on the social network with almost a quarter (24%) of those ages 25-34 having made a purchase after receiving a marketing message. Almost half of younger Canadian consumers (18-34), are compulsive Facebook checkers, checking in to the social network throughout the day.

“Canada is among the most digitally connected countries we’ve surveyed which creates a tremendous opportunity for marketers to connect with Canadian consumers across the channels they use most- email, Facebook and Twitter,” said Tim Kopp, ExactTarget’s chief marketing officer.

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Source: Digital North: Canadians respond to marketing Tweets


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