Aereo Opposes Shutdown Request, Denies Causing 'Irreparable Harm'

Aereo says in new court papers that it’s entitled to continue operating, despite a recent Supreme Court ruling that the company infringes copyright by streaming over-the-air programs to smartphones and tablets. The Barry Diller-backed start-up argues in papers filed on Friday evening that it’s now entitled to a compulsory cable […]


Google Opposes 'Windfall' For Consumers Suing Over WiFi Snooping

Consumers who are suing Google for allegedly snooping on their WiFi transmissions shouldn’t receive a “windfall” for failing to secure their networks, the company says in court papers. “Plaintiffs configured their Wi-Fi networks to be open and to broadcast data at least as far as the public street, but now […]


FilmOn Appeals Contempt Finding In New York

Streaming video company FilmOn is appealing an order holding the company in contempt and directing it to pay around $150,000 in sanctions and legal bills. FilmOn, backed by billionaire Alki David, filed the paperwork this week to appeal U.S. District Court Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald’s ruling to the 2nd Circuit […]


Hulu's New Argument In Privacy Case: Didn't Know 'Like' Button Sent Users' Data To Facebook

Hulu says in new court papers that it’s entitled to prevail in a lawsuit accusing the company of violating a federal privacy law by allegedly sharing users’ personal information with Facebook. The lawsuit centers on allegations that Hulu wrongly shared information with Facebook via the “Like” button, which loads automatically […]


Tech Companies Back Yahoo In Battle Over SMS Messages

Twitter, Path and other tech companies are asking a federal appellate court to make it harder for consumers to win class-action lawsuits over unwanted SMS messages. The tech companies say that the recent proliferation of lawsuits alleging violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act is forcing them to choose between […]


Apple Wants Lawsuit About Address-Book Uploads Thrown Out

Apple is asking a federal judge to slam the courthouse door shut on a group of consumers who are suing the company for allegedly misrepresenting its security practices The consumers’ lawsuit stems from revelations in 2012 that some developers accessed users’ address books without their knowledge. The users, who also […]


Developers Say iPhone Users Consented To Address-Book Uploads

Twitter, Yelp, Foodspotting and other app developers are asking a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit accusing them of violating iPhone users’ privacy by uploading their address books. Twitter argues in court papers filed on Thursday that the people who are now suing the company previously consented to share information […]


BBB Warns That Privacy Code Applies To Cross-Device Tracking

The Better Business Bureau is reminding online ad companies that they must notify consumers about online behavioral advertising and allow them to opt out, regardless of whether the tracking occurs via cookies, device fingerprinting or other technology. The BBB’s Accountability Program, which enforces the privacy rules, said in a compliance […]


LinkedIn Settles Class-Action Stemming From Data Breach

Social networking service LinkedIn has agreed to pay $1.25 million in order to settle a class-action lawsuit stemming from a 2012 data breach. The proposed settlement, which was outlined in court papers filed last week, calls for LinkedIn to pay up to $50 to some of the users who purchased […]


AOL Won't Honor Do-Not-Track Requests

AOL has unveiled a new privacy policy specifying that the company’s properties — including the recently acquired Gravity — don’t honor the do-not-track requests that users send through their browsers. “Previously, Gravity provided users with the ability to use the browser ‘Do Not Track’ signal to opt out of certain […]


Broadcasters Say Aereo Not Entitled To Cable License, Seek Nationwide Shutdown Order

A coalition of television broadcasters is asking a judge to prohibit Aereo from operating its streaming video service anywhere in the country. The broadcasters say the Supreme Court’s recent decision against Aereo requires the company to shut down. The Supreme Court ruled that Aereo infringes copyright by streaming over-the-air programs […]


Teen Facebook Users Seek To Revive Lawsuit Over Social Ads

A group of teens is urging a federal appellate court to revive a lawsuit accusing Facebook of violating minors’ rights by using their names and images in social ads. Earlier this year, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Seeborg dismissed the teens’ lawsuit, ruling that Facebook’s “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities” […]


Pay for Placement? Fat Chance

Coming from a magazine background and working with scores of reporters who move from one job to another (or out of the media altogether), I am acutely familiar with the way the Internet and mobile have disrupted the business model for so many publications. I also know that the downdraft […]


T-Mobile To Slow Down Some Subscribers With 'Unlimited' Data

Wireless carrier T-Mobile plans to slow down smartphone users on “unlimited” plans who use the company’s network to access peer-to-peer services, the company confirmed this week. “A very small number of our customers are misusing their Simple Choice Unlimited data service in violation of their rate plan and terms and […]


Better Business Bureau Tells eHarmony To Nix Best-Marriage Boasts

Dating site eHarmony should stop advertising that it has been responsible for more happy marriages than other dating sites, the Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division said on Wednesday. The organization’s decision came in response to Match.com’s challenge to an ad campaign touting eHarmony as the No. 1 site for […]


Judge Allows Path To Appeal Text-Spam Ruling

A federal judge has authorized Path to appeal a pro-consumer ruling in a battle over an unsolicited invitation to join the service. “An immediate appeal may materially advance the ultimate termination of the litigation,” Judge Manish Shah in the Northern District of Illinois wrote in an order authorizing Path’s appeal. […]


Aereo Pushes To Resume Service In 6 Western States

Streaming video service Aereo is pushing forward with its argument that it should be allowed to resume operations on the ground that it’s now a “cable system” and entitled to transmit television programs as long as it pays licensing fees. “The Supreme Court’s holding that Aereo’s live (‘Watch Now’) functionality […]


Cartoon Doll Emporium Accused Of Violating Children's Privacy Rules

A Web site for tween girls operated by Cartoon Doll Emporium violated children’s privacy rules by allowing ad networks and other third parties to track users, the Children’s Advertising Review Unit of the Better Business Bureau said this week. Cartoon Doll Emporium, a site for girls to play games, also […]


How The Help Is Killing Retail

I read earlier in the week that aside from a small uptick in April, shopper visits to U.S. retailers have fallen by 5% or more from a year earlier in every month for the past two years. Apparently, instead of wandering through stores and making impulse purchases, shoppers use their […]


Judge Rules Google Can't Edit Record Of Public Hearing

Siding with a group of news organizations, a federal judge on Wednesday rejected Google’s attempt to edit the publicly available transcript of a critical hearing in a lawsuit about Gmail ads. U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, Calif., also partially granted the news organizations’ request to unseal […]


Wireless Carriers Must Give More Details About Slowdowns, Watchdog Says

Major wireless carriers are violating a Net neutrality principle by failing to fully explain their throttling policies to users, the group Public Knowledge alleged on Wednesday. The advocacy group sent letters to AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, demanding that they publish details about the circumstances under which they slow down wireless […]


Court Nixes Aereo Request For 'Emergency' Authorization To Resume Service

A federal judge on Friday refused to consider streaming video company Aereo’s request for an “emergency” order precluding TV broadcasters from obtaining an injunction against the company. Aereo, which has suspended its service but continues to incur costs of more than $1 million a month, said in court papers filed […]


Web Companies Back Vimeo In Fight With Record Labels

Google, Facebook and Twitter are among a host of tech companies that are backing the video-sharing site Vimeo in its battle with record labels. The tech companies are urging the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals to rule that Vimeo is entitled to rely on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s “safe […]


Appeals Court Agrees To Hear Wyndham's Challenge To FTC

A federal appeals court has agreed to decide whether the Federal Trade Commission can bring charges against companies based on their alleged failure to protect consumers’ data. The court’s move comes in response to a petition filed by Wyndham Hotels, which is fighting an FTC lawsuit alleging that the hotel […]