Yoplait Should Tell Bloggers To Disclose Gift Cards, Per Better Business Bureau

General Mills should instruct bloggers receiving $4 gift cards to disclose that payment in any reviews of Yoplait yogurt, the Better Business Bureau’s self-regulatory National Advertising Division said in an opinion published on Wednesday. The NAD added that General Mills should stop re-posting reviews that don’t have those disclosures, or […]


comScore Agrees To $14 Million Privacy Settlement With Panelists

Measurement company comScore has agreed to pay $14 million to settle claims that it violated panel members’ privacy by collecting a trove of data about them, court documents reveal. comScore also will revise its disclosures to panelists and will implement procedures to make sure its “bundling partners” — companies that […]


Facebook Asks Appellate Court To Let Sponsored Stories Settlement Stand

Facebook is asking a federal appeals court to uphold a $20 million settlement of a class-action lawsuit stemming from the ‘sponsored stories’ program. “A settlement is by its very nature a compromise, and compromises never please everyone,” the social networking services company says in papers filed on Friday with the […]


Carrier IQ Seeks To Pause Privacy Lawsuit

Software developer Carrier IQ and a group of mobile phone manufacturers are seeking to pause proceedings in a privacy lawsuit while they appeal a trial judge’s refusal to send the case to arbitration. Carrier IQ and the manufacturers argue that they’re likely to prevail on appeal and will “suffer irreparable […]


Hard To Be Offended By Ad You Can't Find

When I read that Time Inc. planned to put ads on the covers of Time and Sports Illustrated, I was expecting some of that copy that notoriously festoons the covers of women’s magazines like “Ten Ways To Give Your Guy A Good Time While Cooking Dinner” — but instead, was […]


Spokeo Wants Supreme Court To Nix Class-Action Lawsuit

Online data aggregator Spokeo is asking the Supreme Court to hear an appeal of a ruling that allowed a consumer to proceed with a potential class-action lawsuit. The company seeks to reverse a decision issued by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which revived Virginia resident Thomas Robins’s lawsuit accusing […]


Google Settles Portion Of Lawsuit About Gmail Ads

Google has resolved a dispute with a group of adult Web users who accused the company of violating their privacy by scanning Gmail messages, according to court papers. In a “stipulation of dismissal” filed late last week, Google and the consumers say they reached a settlement agreement. The stipulation doesn’t […]


FTC Says Web Sites Should Inform Consumers About Data Brokers, Allow Opt-Outs

The Federal Trade Commission is calling for new laws that would require online retailers and other “consumer-facing entities” to allow consumers to opt out of having their information shared with data brokers. That proposal is among a host of recommendations issued Tuesday by the FTC in its 110-page report, “Data […]


Facebook Sues Affiliate Marketer For Fraud

Facebook has brought a fraud lawsuit against affiliate marketer Martin Grunin, a New Yorker who allegedly bilked the social networking service out of $340,000 by acquiring ad inventory under false pretenses. Starting in late 2012, Grunin allegedly began posing as an employee of Thinkmodo, a marketing agency owned by Marketing […]


Would 'Jack' Abramson Have Been Treated Any Differently?

There is nothing that stirs the passions of the Great Eastern Establishment Press than when one of their own gets sacked. You would be hard-pressed to think of another individual in the U.S. whose firing could have generated more coverage and opinion than when The New York Times unceremoniously cashiered […]


California AG Issues Guidelines For New Online Privacy Law, Pushes Mobile-Friendly Formats

Web site operators and mobile app developers should offer privacy policies written in short, jargon-free sentences, California Attorney General Kamala Harris says in a report released on Wednesday. The document, “Making Your PrivacyPractices Public,” also advises companies to make their policies easy to read by using “titles and headers” and […]


Dow Jones Asks Court To Throw Out Privacy Lawsuit

The Wall Street Journal‘s Roku app doesn’t violate a federal video privacy law, Dow Jones says in new court papers. The company is asking U.S. District Court Judge Steven Jones in Atlanta to dismiss a lawsuit brought in March by Georgia resident Terry Locklear. She alleged that the news company’s […]


Better Business Bureau Tells Taboola To Make 'Sponsored Content' Disclosures More Prominent

The tech company Taboola, which distributes advertiser-sponsored content online, has agreed to make its disclosures more noticeable, the Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division said on Tuesday. The NAD said it recommended the changes due to concerns that Taboola’s “sponsored content” disclosures “were not sufficiently clear and conspicuous, or easy […]


iPhone Users Allowed To Proceed With Lawsuit About Address-Book Uploads

Path, Hipster and 12 other app developers can’t shake a class-action lawsuit accusing them of violating consumers’ privacy by uploading their address books. U.S. District Court Judge Jon Tigar in the Northern District of California ruled last week that the consumers can proceed with claims that the app developers engaged […]


Pinterest Raises Additional $200M To Turn Site Into Discovery Platform

Despite aggressive monetization efforts, Pinterest has decided to take another $200 million in capital at a valuation of $5 billion. The bulk of the money is coming from existing investors, including SV Angel, Bessemer Venture Partners, Fidelity, Andreessen Horowitz, FirstMark Capital, and Valiant Capital Partners. “This new investment gives us […]


The Internet Suddenly Becomes A Happy Place

A cheer rippled across the globe from all those with lurid pasts when the European Court of Justice ruled this week that people have the right to influence what the world can learn about them through Google (to pick a search engine at random). The ruling set the stage for […]


IAB To Sync Ad Specs For Cross-Platform Campaigns

The Interactive Advertising Bureau on Thursday announced plans to align separate standards developed for digital video, mobile apps, and Web-based rich media ads. The step comes as marketers increasingly seek to extend rich advertising across multiple platforms, like an ad that runs both on the Web and within a mobile […]


Facebook Expands App Developer Program

Among the batch of announcements Facebook made last month at its f8 conference was the launch of a program called FbStart. It provides mobile start-ups with a set of free tools and services for app development. Facebook today announced it was opening up FbStart to developers worldwide that have iOS […]


Appeals Court Revives Claims That Facebook Violated Privacy Policy

In a partial victory for Facebook, a federal appellate panel said this week that the social networking service didn’t violate the federal wiretap law by allegedly leaking users’ personal information to advertisers. But the judges also said in a separate ruling that the consumers can proceed with claims that Facebook […]


If You Built The Machine, How Can You Blame It?

In one of yesterday’s two daily e-blasts from The Drum, the self-proclaimed “UK’s largest marketing website by unique views,” there were back-to-back stories about how technology is not improving the advertiser and user digital experience, but making it worse. In one instance, Facebook users clicking to read a story about […]


Snapchat Settles Privacy Charges

The Federal Trade Commission said Thursday that messaging service Snapchat agreed to settle charges that it duped users into believing their “snaps” would disappear after they were viewed. “Snapchat made multiple misrepresentations to consumers about its product that stood in stark contrast to how the app actually worked,” the FTC […]


Tarantino Drops Fight With Gawker Over Leaked Script

Quentin Tarantino has withdrawn a lawsuit accusing Gawker of infringing his copyright by pointing people to a copy of a leaked script for The Hateful Eight. But the author and director indicates in legal documents that he might attempt to bring the lawsuit again, after discovering the names of people […]


comScore Agrees To Settle Class-Action By Panelists

Measurement company comScore has tentatively agreed to resolve a class-action lawsuit brought by panel members who say they didn’t realize the full extent of data the company collected. comScore says in court papers filed on Monday that it has reached “an agreement in principle” with the consumers who sued. comScore […]


Facebook Denies Showing False 'Likes,' Seeks Dismissal Of Lawsuit

Facebook is asking a federal judge to immediately dismiss a large portion of a potential class-action lawsuit accusing the company of misrepresenting that users “liked” content. “This case should never have been brought,” Facebook says in papers filed recently with the U.S. District Court in Oakland, Calif. “The bulk of […]