Driver’s ed app Aceable raises $4 million

Although self-driving vehicles feel like a near future reality, people still need driver’s licenses to get around independently in cars today. Now, an Austin, Texas startup called Aceable has raised $4 million in Series A funding to deliver driver’s education in a mobile app. Silverton Partners and Floodgate Ventures co-led the round. […]


SGN becomes Jam City and announces a new Peanuts game

Mobile gaming company SGN announced today that it has a new name, Jam City. This isn’t the first time the company has rebranded — it was called MindJolt before acquiring SGN and then taking on the name in 2012. The change may be an inevitable reflection of the company’s — […]


Gfycat raises $10 million to help creatives fire up the memes

A startup called Gfycat (which is pronounced “Jiffy Cat”) has raised a mammoth $10 million seed round to turn its already popular user-generated content platform into a revenue generating concern. On the content creation side of its business, the startup reports that 2.5 million unique users have already created 25 […]


Airbnb files $555M round with the SEC led by Google Capital and TCV

Airbnb formally filed a Form D with the Securities and Exchange Commission this afternoon announcing that it had raised $555,462,180 in an equity deal. Last month TechCrunch independently verified that Airbnb had filed a 28 page document with the State of Delaware indicating that it had intentions to raise additional late-stage capital. […]


Kids can build a LEGO drone with Flybrix kits

A company called Flybrix is putting legos on the wing. The San Francisco startup today began selling build-a-drone kits for kids age 14 and up comprised of: LEGO bricks, boom arms and motors that don’t require soldering, and other off the shelf and Flybrix-designed parts. Once assembled, Flybrix drones are […]


Flywheel expands Uber-like system for taxi cabs to NYC

Taxi startup Flywheel is officially making its move into New York City, with the aim to better equip old-school taxis to take on Uber and Lyft. Flywheel recently received approval from the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission to operate TaxiOS, its smartphone-based taxi meter that comes with electronic dispatch, payments, navigation […]


CrunchMatch is coming to Disrupt London to match investors with startups

At Disrupt London, this coming December, it will be easier than ever for investors to find companies that fit their investment strategy. For the first time TechCrunch is bringing its CrunchMatch program to Europe where startup founders will be matched with venture capitalists ready to write checks and make investments. […]


Operator harnesses chatbots, humans, and $15M to sell US goods to China

With a little personal shopping assistance, Operator thinks Chinese citizens will pounce on American products sold through its conversational shopping app. The promise of becoming the guided commerce layer connecting China with the US has earned the two-year-old a $15 million series B round at a $100 million pre-money valuation. […]


European insurance tech startup FinanceFox closes $28M Series A

“We’re not a bunch of startup dudes saying we’re disrupting insurance… we’re not a bunch of arrogant pricks,” FinanceFox co-founder and CEO Julian Teicke told me during a call late last week. The company, which is announcing $28 million in Series A funding today, is one of a number of […]


Nucleus raises $5.6M in Series A funding led by Amazon’s Alexa fund

Nucleus, the home intercom system which started shipping in August, has closed $5.6M in Series A Funding. The round was led by Amazon’s Alexa fund, which invests in promising startups that incorporate Alexa’s technology into their product (Nucleus recently added support for Alexa voice functionality). BoxGroup, Greylock Partners, FF Angel, Foxconn, and […]


Kickstarter is breaking down assumptions about where innovation can occur

The few who still think Kickstarter can replace venture capital need not look further than a new report from Polygraph to see just how separate the world of crowdfunding is from traditional early-stage finance. While it’s easy to point to products like the Pebble Smart Watch as a sign that crowdfunding sites […]


Pinterest hires a head of engineering for its new Seattle office

While there’s plenty of talent in the San Francisco Bay Area — where Pinterest’s main office is over at 5th and Brannan in San Francisco — it can be very costly to find and recruit that talent. And there’s a lot outside of San Francisco as well. One city, in particular, […]


Transit’s public transportation tracking app gets a big overhaul and $2.4M in funding

A big annoying experience of living in a city is checking a site like Nextbus for your bus or rail’s arrival time, and then getting there only to find that you’ve missed it by a split second or the doors close as soon as you get there. Now, there’s actually an […]


Vroom raises $50 million to make buying a used car as easy as shoe shopping online

Gunning to become the top seller of used cars online, Vroom Inc. has raised $50 million in a Series E round of equity funding, bringing its total capital raised to $218 million to-date. The market for used cars in the U.S. alone surpasses $400 billion annually. According to the […]


Tinder taps Spotify to let you add music to your profile

Tinder is teaming up with Spotify to give users a new way to judge each other. Just as Tinder allowed folks to connect their Instagram accounts to their Tinder profile, the same is now true for Spotify. Users will be able to check out each others’ most-played songs on Spotify. […]


StarOfService raises $10 million for its service marketplace

French startup StarOfService just raised another $10 million for its European Thumbtack alternative. Andrea Piccioni and Silvio Pagliani, ENERN Investments and Point Nine Capital participated in today’s round, as well as various business angels. When I first covered StarOfService, the company didn’t even try to hide from me that it […]


French online restaurant FoodChéri raises €6M Series A

French food delivery startup FoodChéri, which operates an online only restaurant along the lines of EatFirst in the UK or Munchery’s original model in the US, has raised €6 million in Series A funding led by 360 Capital Partners, and Breega Capital. Listen To EatFirst CEO Talk Online Restaurant Biz, […]


Cross-channel ad startup AdStage raises $2M

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Glance Clock keeps your life together with subtle yet vibrant notifications

There’s something intriguing about low-fi solutions to high-tech problems and the Glance Clock is no exception. In today’s world, a missed Uber can be the difference between a confidence-inducing 5.0 rider rating and a clearly shameful 4.8. Glance Clock, a smart clock that looks more analog than digital at first […]


Black female founder raises $7 million for renewable energy tech startup

I’d like to tip my imaginary hat off to Jessica O. Matthews, the black female founder and CEO of renewable energy tech startup Uncharted Play. Her company just closed a $7 million Series A round led by the NIC Fund with participation from Kapor Capital, Magic Johnson Enterprises, BBG Ventures and Lingo Ventures. With the […]


The TechCrunch Seoul meetup goes down October 27

Anyong Haseyo! TechCrunch is South Korea-bound and we’re going to do some Seoul searching for the greatest tech in the East. We’re bringing the legendary TechCrunch Meetup + Pitch-off to Seoul on October 27, but when we get down to the heart of it, the event starts now. We’re looking […]


DueCourse, a cloud-based invoice financing service for SMEs, raises £6.25M

DueCourse, a cloud-based invoice financing service for SMEs, has raised £6.25 million in new funding. Backers include GFC (the venture arm of Rocket Internet), Alex Chesterman (founder and CEO of Zoopla), and Simon Franks (co-founder of Lovefilm, acquired by Amazon). Also noteworthy is that the new capital is a split […]


How smart materials will literally reshape the world around us

Max Moruzzi Crunch Network Contributor Max Moruzzi is the senior principal research scientist at Autodesk. How to join the network Over the past few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been the white-hot center of a flurry of activity. Startups that create embedded sensors for physical things have been […]


Anyone can prototype and build with Shaper’s Origin CNC machine

With side-hustles being all the rage these days, the new Shaper Origin makes it easier than ever to start building and selling cool gadgets in your free time. While you might not be able to build yourself a homemade Falcon 9 rocket with the company’s handheld CNC machine, you just might be able to build yourself […]